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Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Enemy of the People of USA

It occurred to me that the rash of stupid "Robocalls" in say the last 5 years must have a purpose, and that purpose is not to create business for entities.

What of the numerous "No one is on the calling side calls"?

This is part of the plot to get people angry and waste their time.      If this was not entity supported, including some in government, these calls would not continue at this magnitude. 


Funny how the disruptors like to just flip the meme, and grab the "strategy" from the good guys.

My journalism entity, Deeper Dive Data, has many following the same meme, calling for a "deep dive" because any surface look at "news" is deeply unsatisfying if you have any interest in truth.

Here is one of the worst.    And screw you too, I do not have blood on my hands. 
The say they are "drilling beneath the headlines".    Sure.....


Why YouTube Sucks!

All Social Media is going full tilt censorship.

Just like the Democrats rolling out full on socialism/communism "too early", it seems that the Good Guys (that includes Girls, maybe especially Girls who seem awesome at effective activism) have forced the Globalists to play their hand too early.

As my Sensei used to say "Timing is Veeeeerry Important".

Now Social Media is going bat shit crazy censorship.    A year and a half before the Presidential Election.      That is going to allow time for people to create and switch to entirely different platforms.

Forcing them to play their hand too early......I smell victory!

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