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Friday, June 28, 2019

Traitor Tremons -- Angela Merkel ---Shaking Uncontrollably 2nd Time in One Week

stock here
The first time, they claimed it was dehyration (and then she was fine) This time, she knows that water won't help her condition. She refuses water. hmmmm....
Stress much?

------------------------First time Try to find CNN or ABC coverage of this Panic Attack while listening to the National Anthem and
welcoming the Ukrainian President.

right now 9 minutes ago Nationalism and national anthems are her kryptonite Methinks the combination of the National Anthem, and the Ukraninan President set her off.

We know that Ukraine has been less than Lily white in the whole globalist and "get Trump" and destabilize the USA effort. Her first meeting with him allowed the chance for him to tell her something....."they caught us on this one..."

And she is shitting bricks. She looks like shit for 64.

This YouTube posting is already censored!

MSN covers "it" but does not provide any video, which is especially damning.

And this one from the other side, making it even more clear. She and Hilary have a lot in common. None good.
Dehydration is RARELY a cause of shaking in adults. I don't know of a single episode of this.


  1. I wonder if this very public act (if it is a high tech weapon and not illness) is to warn others who fall out of favor ....

    1. Maybe she was used in a Scaramucci model (do the dirty work), that lasted many years, and now that she is already marginalized, they use her as an example to extract obedience.

      Why indeed were Hillary and this thing so physically challenged? Satanism comes at a cost?

  2. (my opinion) Nixon's handlers took him to Dallas to give him a lesson on who his masters were ....


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