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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Website Publishes Clear Aerial Video of 3 Planes Chemtrailing....Wordpress Destroys that Website

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I was thinking of migrating to Wordpress.   I am fairly tech savy, but finding the time to implement things is the tough part. 

Obviously anything provided to you for free, must have some downside to you, or upside to them, at least on large scales such as an internet hosting site like Wordpress.  

If you have twitter, you can still view this video of clear "team chemtrailing".   

I wanted to go directly to the site, and not rely on Twitter....Wordpress had blackballed the site after the clear video was posted.   

Expect more of this.   Be prepared.   Back up your sites and data.   Burn to DVD when feasible, or put on harddisk and thumbdrives and put in a good Faraday cage (gun safe is one choice).

If you got this far, you deserve some humor..... Democratic Senator thinks that Guam may tip over and capsize.

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