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Monday, July 29, 2019

666 Days Between the Garlic Shooting and Las Vegas Shooting

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There have been 666 days between the Vegas massacre and the Cali Garlic Shooting.

I am kind of a numerologist, although there are many that are far more advanced than me.

322 is a good one to keep on your radar, its the number of the Skull and Bones society.

Damian's Day was June 6.

My large German Shepherd got "bloat" on June 6th, its a life threatening problem, that is not caused by food, it's caused by stress.  It requires immediate surgical intervention.   If you slough it off with "lets see how he is doing in the morning" you will be visiting the cremation shop.

Three years later my smaller German Shepherd also got "bloat", on June 6th.   The great evil one likes to take pot shots at me, he didn't win this one either.   Although this one was harder to diagnose, there was no pressure felt at the stomach, it sure didn't look like bloat, but Hanako sure acted strange and was persistent in "telling me" that something was really wrong.   I took her in to the emergency vets and the X-ray confirmed, classic bloat.

I reviewed the prior medical records, they went into the hospital exactly 1 hour apart, and exactly 3 years apart on Damian's Day.    So 666 has a "special" meaning in my life.



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    1. Months back, as the noose tightened, I predicted multiple false flags, even 2 per day. Looks like those roosters are coming home to roost.

      My research has revealed the the police chief in El Paso, just weeks ago, was stating that BLM was a funded operation that was intentionally causing police deaths. He was immediately attacked by the deep state, and they planned a mass shooting in his district. Yesterday, mission accomplished.


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