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Friday, July 19, 2019

Apollo 11 -- Was This a Simulation? The "Interview" News Conference Sure Was Interesting.

I was never a big fan of the "Moon landings were fake" meme. 

And I have been meaning to write this article for a long, long time.   Mandy gave me a help in that regard.

But I think the first moon landing was faked.   I think we were close, but I think USA needed to one up Russia and took extreme measures to do so.   Apollo 11 only.   Other landing were real, and it is well within our ability.

So last year, I watched this old news conference, and it was clear.....someone read these 3 astronauts the "riot act" before this interview.

Mandy Bombard covers this interview, using body language which she is great at.


  1. I thought it was hooey too ... but changed my mind when someone pointed out 2 sources of light in some of the photos. Dramatic studio shadows very obvious.
    Then there's always that rippling flag.

    And there's the motorcycle kickstand on "Mars" . . .

    1. I call BS on this one. But other photos, which are of real enactments on earth, are "OK", at least not totally incriminatory that future landings "never happened". LOL "ripplin' flag" I think we could burn that one in a meme....know what I meme?

  2. Moon landings are all total bullshit. Only an idiot would believe this crap. There is much research to prove it NEVER HAPPENED. Completely FAKED

  3. i was a student member of ASPRS back when
    the WTC was hit that morning on CNN, before i went
    in to my student job at EDAC, where everybody had
    pulled out the classroom TVs to follow the 9/11 news.
    We were faced with a sheepish, quieting of the soul,
    as we observed our satellite data showing molten metal
    temperatures in the basements of WTC 1 and 2, persisting
    for days after the event, while TeeVee news spun their
    predetermined scripts.
    We knew stuff for Real that was
    ignored by any so-called "journalists" after 9/11.
    The govt. quickly acquired control over what had been private
    businesses involved in remote-sensing, satellite photos, etc.
    So, ASPRS is the American Society for Photogrammetry and
    Remote Sensing. Starting way back in original Photo Interp.
    of battlefield scenes in WW 1, stereo-photos, and onward to
    today's classified electromagnetic, DARPA related capabilities.
    So, Stock, i wish i could come up with the link for you, be a Good
    Citizen, but anyway, there WAS a great analytical piece online
    where they carefully did the geometry and the clumsy NASA photos
    were obviously, demonstrably, professionally produced, leaving
    telltale mistakes, excellent enough work for the TV show which we
    were told was "Tranquility Base", but detectable as a giant Hollywood Stage,
    when scrutinized.
    ...they say actually Palmdale, out there by Magic Mountain.
    Back in '69 we were riveted to all the coverage... wow, man!
    I can remember the narrator, as the camera showed the "lander"
    " we see the Hadley Rille, some eleven miles in the distance..."
    Stock, this photogrammetric analysis demonstrates, by cutting and
    comparing PERSPECTIVE, moving the POV, and showing the
    obvious optical and darkroom manipulations, that the "Hadley Rille"
    described as some "eleven miles in the distance" is actually an image
    on a curved extra-wide screen only a couple hundred yards away.
    There are hilarious shots of the gold-foil-covered landing gear with
    a forgotten can of Coke sitting on the foot-pad.
    Stock! look for yourself. Question:
    Where is the Dust from the force of the "landing" "retro rockets"??
    The gold-foil-covered gear has not one speck of dust,
    and no ejecta crater at all is under the "lander"...
    My favorite of the video clips that were available a few years ago,
    we see the Classic View of the Tranquillity Base, the Lander, and
    then you see, off to the right edge, a Stagehand wearing headphones
    lean over into the picture, to remove some piece of inappropriate
    debris from the scene. They say in the video that he was actually
    Roy Disney, brother of Walt Disney, acting as stagehand on the
    TOP Secret TeeVee production. Some say Stanley Kubrick was
    forced into producing this TeeVee show by the Gov.
    What about the Gamma regime of Space just frying everybody?
    Some sources say that the Russians were way ahead, but you need
    feet of lead shielding to survive beyond the Van Allen Belts?


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