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Friday, July 12, 2019

Black Muslim Migrant Shoots Unarmed White Woman in Pajamas and Is Not Arrested

stock here -- wrote this a long time ago, and saw that it got stuck as a Draft.

Like other "conspiracies", this one also turned out to be right on the money.   This guy is in jail now.

Not to get all anti-semitic or anything, but....

Doesn't it seem odd that in a large American city,

A Black Muslim Migrant, recently became a cop 2 years ago, 3 complaints on him already.    Mohamed Noor responds to a 911 call from a lady about a suspected assault she heard in the alley way.    The attractive white woman who made the complaint, comes out to the squad car in her pajamas.

Mohamed then proceeds to shoot the unarmed lady, while she was on the driver side of the squad, and the shooter was in the passenger seat.   She got shot in the gut.

The police chief  Janee' Harteau, is a female, who is "dating" another female cop on the same police force.  In 1996 they filed a sexual harassment complaint because other officers where interrupting their radio transmissions.   in 2012 she was awarded the position of Chief.

One comment seen at independentsentinel said "maybe she was improperly dressed."

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