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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Coronal Hole on the Sun, Earthquake Alert Initiated

stock here, Sunday update.  Can you spot the 2 new coronal holes ready to focus on Earth?

We called an earthquake alert and Japan got hit with a 6 plus, also Hawaii was hit with a high altitude quake at Moana Loa which is 600% overdue for an eruption.    The last one in 1984 came within 6 miles of wiping out Hilo.

And said Coronal Hole spins to directly earth facing....2 more CH appear just above and below our Star's equator.

The sun has been really quiet last few months, no sun spots, barely even any coronal holes.

When coronal holes are "earth facing" and near the equator of the sun, they can have a large effect on earth's space weather.    And today we see a coronal holes putting earth in it's sites.

So I am calling an Earthquake alert.    Expect at least 1 or 3 EQ in the 6 Mag range, and maybe in the 7's.

I downloaded and printed the whole help file for the Helioviewer.   It is so much easier to read in print than on the screen, faster.   Easier to annotate.

These settings make it easy to see the coronal holes!

Ah, back to our favorite, FUKUSHIMA

What is a coronal hole?   Don't stick with Wikipedia on this one!!!

The Helioviewer can "auto pick" sun structures and label them.   But amazingly, this obvious earth directed and effective Coronal Hole is "missed" by the software.

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