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Monday, July 1, 2019

Coronal Hole on Sun, Geo Effective, EQ Warning for West Coast

stock here.   2019 continues with little to no sunspots.    And a recent uptick in larger, say 5 and 6

Even Coronal Holes (CH) have been limited and tended towards the poles.   Equatorial CH like this one spinning (left to right) into "Geoeffective" range, i.e. earth directed indicate that in this unusual EQ era, we can expect some sizable EQ.  

The recent activity at the Blanco fault off the west coast, makes me think California could take a big one, as this hole "hits" Earth.
magnitude EQ, over say 10 days.

Look up the Blanco Fault on Google Earth or whatever resource, the 90 degree angle is very concerning in my view, nothing like that exists on earth for what I know.


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