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Monday, July 15, 2019

Epstein -- Plethora of Great Fly Over Drone Videos -- Great for a Deep Dive

stock here

More and more Drone videos.   Eventually, Epstein will direct his workers to shoot them down with
shotguns.   But lets collect some evidence while we can.

And archive these to bitchute, get away from YouTube

Note the bolts on the outside of the left door.   And the scratch marks on the painted slab, as if forklifting heavy things in and out.

The second "door" showing limited traffic, I think is purely a ventilation door.     Lots of ventilation for what underground??  

Could just be for gensets, or could have a more nefarious underground use.

And don't miss the connections between Epstein and Victoria's Secret.    Who better to marginalize than women with great bodies who don't mind posing 90% naked, and like "easy money".

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