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Sunday, July 28, 2019

False Flag at Garlic Festival -- Odd How So Many Injured But So Few Killed?

stock here

Not to make light of "only 3 killed".

Is this a new meme?  Leave shotten survivors to "spread the word" against guns?   Not sure, but it is sure odd.

The Name comes out.

Santino William Legan

He is half Iranian and he apparently doesn't like white people calling them "white twats" but of course a fully leftist rag of propaganda tries to spin him into a "white nationalist".    Seriously.

A white nationalist at 19 YO who went to kill white people at a garlic festival.

Heavy, at least they are helpful.    They immediate expose the initial narrative, talking points for their base.

They sure loved to play and replay the same chaos of people running.

Garlic festival.    Hmmm.   I love Garlic, will harvest over 100 tomorrow.   Hardneck.  Awesome garlic.

People who "think right" love Garlic.    Odd the news has this graphic ready to go, but no other coverage of the actual scene.

Bullshit video below

Gov of California, 5H earlier attacked Trump in this


Funny Dan Coats, total Deep Stater, denied the "right" to declass or not, Given to fired, allowed to "resign" and the Globalist media pretends that he "left" the Trump Administration.

Fucking good riddance to this deep state asshole.

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