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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Largest Volcano in World Poised to Erupt and Overdue for 6 Times It's Average Eruption Cycle

Based upon EQ patterns and recent Sun Magnetism anomalies (recently rare Coronal Holes), I issued
an earthquake alert.  

Note that earthquakes and Volcanos are directly related.   

The distance of height in this most important chart on the top, is in kilometers, 1000 meters, or 10% more than 1000 yards.   These are miles high up in the Volcano, and hitting at the prior Calderas.

We did get a 6.3 in Japan, but the real story is not that one.    Mount Etna did erupt, and the largest Volcano on the Earth, Moana Loa, sure looks like it is getting set to erupt.

Shortly after the "small volcano" Kileaua stopped erupting last summer, Moana Loa started having high altitude quakes, this mean magma pushing into higher regions in the volcano, and signifying a pending eruption. 

But since the Equatorial Coronal Hole, there have been a spate of very high altitude EQ at Moana Loa.   Check the chart I made after parsing the data nicely.   It was a shock even to me, the results were so clear.  

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