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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Rot In Congress -- Mutual Assured Blackmail Posing as Tribalism

hat tip Lot's Wife

Mainstream journalism is complicit in shielding Americans from reality

The doors of Congress are breached as easily as the southern border. Alaska’s US House representative, Don Young, is MIA. His horses left the barn years ago. Most of his colleagues are equally infirm or compromised. The State of Alaska is threatened with financial exigency by a farm team headed by a new governor and his billionaire owners. Gas and oil extraction w/ minimal environmental protection and no political opposition is the planned outcome. Potentates in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, India, and Saudi Arabia watch the chaos as they plan their next moves. Scores of whales are rotting on Alaska and BC coasts, likely less than 10 percent of the total die-off. Industrial pollutants have closed domestic water wells across Alaska. Most of us see little concern, only power outages disturb the electronic soma, aka television and Facebook. The loss of personal autonomy in the face of massive wrongdoing is stunning. If this attitude held sway on the Titanic, there would have been no survivors

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