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Monday, July 29, 2019

Turkey, Flynn, Mueller, Obama's Bio fuel tax credits, CF, and Child Trafficking -- Truth Would Bring Down the Cabal

This author at Neon Revolt is an autist.    Is he exactly right?   Probably not.

You need to read the whole thing
Do you see now why Q calls Flynn a hero?

Now look, it’s highly highly highly probable I’m missing some chunks of information here. I’m doing the best I can with an internet connection at my disposal, but I’m willing to bet there are at least a few pieces missing from what I’ve managed to assemble here. As such, this last section where I speculate on the nature of this case should not be read authoritatively, but as (informed) speculation.
 Remember, the only reason we’re even tipped off to the fact that this is a human trafficking operation in the first place is because Enty over at CDAN said so.
And while the evidence I’ve laid out here today certainly seems to support that – such as this being one of Huber’s sealed indictments, and Flynn’s proximity to the whole thing – we definitely need to keep our heads on a swivel and watch for any emerging details about this particular story and the players involved.

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