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Saturday, July 13, 2019

ZH Now Promoting for the Nuclear Cartel, Google Disappearing Early Fukushima Coverage

I broke the "Fukushima Story" on my blog, but also on Zero Hedge, days after the tsunami in which disinformation and no information were everywhere.  

I needed to assess the situation.     I had family in Japan and I lived in Hawaii.   This was important and I got up to speed quickly, quickly enough to know to stay out of the rain.

It was a great article, it showed pictures depicting totally destroyed steaming hulks of mess, which
the media were still referring to as "Reactor Buildings".   I looked for this article.....

Google has disappeared all articles from 2011!!!!!!!    They destroyed the early coverage of Fukushima.

Funny that Oak Ridge shows up today as "Loose Nuke"

---------------------------------------------  So now ZH pimping for nuke.

This article completely ignores the reality.   Plants sitting unused for 8 years are impracticle to restart, they are already pushing 50 years old, and sitting around is not good for machines of any kind.   So restarting any of them will be prone to nig problems.

And buying "new nuke" is absurd, the prices are now like $65B with interest carrying cost during construction.


  1. how is it Japan, an island, cannot harness tidal power?

  2. The economic hitman did not approve that technology, but they sure got the Mark 1!!!!

  3. Horseshit Inc., aka Rand Corp. looks at Fuku .... thinks incineration of rad waste is a great idea!

    ... there goes another quake ... $#$#@! ... gotta go!

    1. Ah, the best lies contain an element of the truth. Funny how they admit that some things are "hard to deal with" aka totally effing impossible, and then pretend that there are other SOLID "radiation management" methods.

  4. UK - New Hinkley Point nuclear power station 'will kill 250,000 fish a day' in 'giant plughole' designed to keep the plant cool


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