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Friday, August 30, 2019

10 Whales Beached On Maui -- NOAA Pretends This Is Normal -- Ignores Fukushima

stock here: note the reader submission below this current story (from 2015)

and another ENENEWSER sent in emails to a bakers dozen "scientists"

I have emailed data and hypothesis to around 100 Marine Biologists over the years.....never heard back from a single disgusting is that?
Confused milling behavior.

4 whales were euthanized, and a separate calf found deceased nearby.   Taken to Oahu, for an autopsy, may take weeks of even months to determine why they stranded and died.

But NOAA emphasized that in 2007 7 whales were seen in the bay and were acting weird, so we called them a "mass stranding type event" if this is totally normal.


Stock –

I’m sending this to ENE admin and several of the ENE commenters, too. I don't know if this has been posted yet.

News from California

Rescue center overwhelmed with starving seabirds; rising ocean temperatures cited, September 24, 2015
“Many of the thin-billed species are being brought into the International Bird Rescue Center, which says it is taking in the birds at the highest rates in 18 years.”

Dead whale found near Coyote Hills Regional Park near Fremont

Dead humpback whale washes ashore near Cannery Row in Monterey

There was very little news on this. One article in the local daily, a tiny two sentence, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it news brief in this main weekly, sending readers to their website to read more –

Dead humpback whale temporarily washed ashore near Cannery Row. 9-18-15

And one brief video with no follow up on KION
(nothing on KSBW, our other local news station).
In other words, keep it quiet.

From the Herald article:
“We’ve had active foraging whales inside the harbor, so I don’t think we’re surprised to
see a dead whale considering how many whales we’ve had in the area for such a long time,” Viezbicke said.

Viezbicke noted that numerous dead humpback whales have been found recently farther up the coast near Pacifica, adding that some gray whales were found dead in April on and around the Monterey Peninsula.

Questions: how long a time? What dead gray whales on and around the Monterey Peninsula – that hasn’t been reported.
And his “not surprised to see a dead whale” remark is bizarre. “People have been eating at restaurants in Monterey for such a long time that we’re really not surprised to find a dead body there”.

The tragic irony is this happened one month after the article below when the BBC was in town to film their puff piece on Monterey Bay. On the exact same beach, out of all the beaches on the Monterey Peninsula.

And this is a humpback, not the minke whale that got stuck in Monterey Harbor last month.

So two whales in distress in one month.

Finally, information buried in the article below on Santa Barbara/Ventura County rescues.


Dr. Ken Balcomb
Dr. Peter Ross
Dr. Bill Bushing
Dr. Pete Raimondi
Dr. Carol Blanchette
Dr. Lesanna Lahner
Dr. Ian Hewson
Dr. Benjamin Miner,
Dr. Bruce Menge
Ronald Shimek, PhD
Amanda E. Bates, PhD
Russel Brash
Dr. Drew Harvell
Dr. Ian Lipkin

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