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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Altamira -- Connections and Coincidences are ODD Epstein, Dayton Shooting, Wexner

stock here - this is not all my work, but I hope this presentation makes it clear.

NEW INFO -- 8-7-19 Wexner attempts to distance himself from Epstein after we broke the real story.

Epstein was threatened in jail, and about to expose crimes of the super rich.
A super rich Jew by the name of Wexner controls Epstein, or used to control him almost completely.

Wexner also controls the family (Kathleen and Steve Betts) that has businesses in "remote airplane takeover control" and linked to Victoria's Secret, which is linked to Epstein and his blackmail sex "parties".

The Elite needed a distraction and to simultaneously push gun controls and make Trump look bad and even complicit in the murders.,  so he arranged with the Betts to cause someone to do a mass shooting.

Their son, Connor Betts, or a substitute.
(There is an odd coincidence with a Connor Betts, son of Kathleen, who died in 2014, see news line below)

Connor's sister Megan was 2 years younger, at 22.  She was obviously aware of what the family had been up to.     Megan was killed by Connor Betts is that mass shooting.

Connor was shot dead by police.   


What would cause both parents to agree to sacrifice their son and daughter?
And not just "a little pressure or talking to"
Being accused of crimes so horrid that they would rather be dead themselves.


The father, Steve Betts, of the "Dayton Shooter" Conner Betts works for an NSA contractor called


There is A LOT of nefarious shit going down in Dayton, specifically attached to Wright Patterson AFB and the Air Force Research Lab located there.    Dayton Air Show is also pretty awesome.

Steve Betts is the "Contact Person" for Minethurn Corporation.    They say his wife "owns" that company, but that is primarily for assistance in getting Federal Contracts.

Minethurn was started in 1993 and engages in developing software and tools to allow someone in the Military or CIA to take remote control of airplanes.


A family of Jews from Russia moved to Dayton Ohio and on 9-8-1937 Les Wexner was born.   He started a company called Bath and Body Works.

The "Dayton Shooters" mom, Moira Kathleen Betts owns Minethurn (remote aircraft takeover company) and a Bath and Body Works.

Les Wexner is directly connected to Epstein, On August 4th a Court ordered the release of Epstein Files.    Victoria's Secret Owns Bath and Body Works.  There has recently been a huge shakeup at Victoria's Secret, methinks some of their "profit centers" aka kickbacks from enabling the blackmail of the power elite, via Epstein's Sex Rings, have diminished.

Victoria's Secret "owns" a lot of the models that were part of Epstein's "parties" aka normal looking thinly veiled prostitution rings.

You know the $56M Epstein Mansion in New York that was raided by law enforcement, and they found illegal pornogrphy of underage girls, and more.....Owned by Les Wexner.   Epstein lived there, and was visited by Bill Clinton, Woody Allen, Oz Crown Prince.   Where, of course, they had sex with under aged girls.

It also looks like "Foundations" who pretend to protect children, are also involved with finding abused and impressionable children that they can turn for nefarious purposes.
Jeffrey Epstein, the New York financier accused of sex trafficking, donated $47 million to a charity established by Abigail Wexner, wife of Leslie H. Wexner, the New Albany billionaire with long ties to Epstein.
In December 2007, Mrs. Wexner formed the YLK Charitable Fund, according to Internal Revenue Service records obtained by The Dispatch. A month later, Epstein, who recently had been accused of having sex with children in Florida, donated $47 million to the fund through his company and his own foundation.
It would be the only money donated to the fund, according to records.
A spokeswoman for Mr. Wexner said on Monday that his relationship with Epstein ended more than a decade ago. The Wexners did not respond to several requests to discuss their relationship with Epstein or their decision to accept money from someone accused of abusing children. Mrs. Wexner is a well-known advocate for children’s causes and has helped raise millions for fighting domestic and sexual abuse.

I always like to review "Heavy" with their 5 fast fact you need to know.    They totally take a narrative spin while pretending to present "facts", but sometimes they do have something of value.

The father, mother, and shooter were all total leftists.   The daughter Megan, who was murdered, was a free thinker.   Stephen Betts shared Elizabeth Warren take on "you didn't build that" therefore we should confiscate a bunch of it to give to others....

Megan responded, “Neither party is working for us, Dad. They’re working for themselves. Oh, and I have some science questions for you when you get home.”

Steely Dan also did a song about Altamira, about how Creation and Creativity have always been a At least since the last Pole Flip around 40,000 years ago when the magnetic field of Earth was greatly decreased and the shielding from Galactic Cosmic Rays was reduced and "we" took a big hit of high energy radiation.    Causing mutations, and maybe bringing in the autistic creativeness, autism with super powers, not modern autism caused by drugs and chemicals and yes, vaccines.
construct, a part of mankind.   

Altimira shows excellent creative autist artist work.

Did you see what I did there?    I put the word artist next to autist.   Got it now?

Groups with a few autists would come up with ideas that no other group would be coming up with, and sometimes these would be a huge advantage, usually not directly tied to warfare, because that is not the creative autists ways, but advances in hunting will of course also lead to "better" warfare.


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    1. this is huge and important.

      We knew many of these were false flags, but we didn't know what and how. Now we know. heads should roll.

      Trump mentioned the Death Penalty for this terrorist attack...

  2. Also Big!

    I have a copy ... I am posting your story all around ...

    link is from here:

    (I went on that site to post your item ...)

  3. Oh, you won't believe the latest. After no contact for over a decade, they say, Wexner now tries to distance himself from Epstein by saying that Epstein "misappropriated" $46M over a decade ago....sorry dude, your credibility and the statute have both run dry. Gallows humor time!


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