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Monday, August 5, 2019

Declass and Epstein Incriminations -- Deep State Crashes Markets, Execute Mass Shootings to Distract

stock here--

The dying Bronto is most dangerous in it's death throes.   The Deep State is within days or weeks of being exposed, and they are pulling out all the stops. 

2 notable factions of the Deep State

1) CIA/FBI (Chris WrayWelcoming Strzok back into FBI buildings, Trying to get "their story" confusing enough to avoid jail or death)
2) Marxists and Zionists, including much of the DNC

The Zionists directly control wallstreet.   They crashed the market today.   They are terrorizing America and others who invest in America.  They are trying to distract from Epstein incriminations and declassification of information that will show treasonous efforts.

Back to Back Mass Shootings -- As I predicted this spring.   These are most likely caused by direct action of the FBI and CIA using their MK  Ultra mind tricks, radicalizing someone who was already on their radar.

The Dayton Shooter was a Satanist and a Leftist -- He probably thought that by doing a mass shooting, he could drive the country towards gun control.    Mass murder people in order to create "a safer system".

The  El Paso shooting was done after the Police Chief weeks ago said that BLM is a Hate Organization
 saw on VOAT

Stocks down 900 points. Citizen journalism wiped off the internet (8ch shut off, Voat under continued sustained ddos, reddit quarantine). Mushroom clouds rising over Russia. Back to back mass shootings.

Why? Because 1 million documents are set to be made public through the courts that implicate world leaders in Epstein's criminal activities.
Why? Courts found that Jillian Assange committed no crimes leaking Podesta emails and found no evidence of Russian communications with Wikileaks.
Why? Dan Coats is out and they lose all access to US intelligence resources.
Why? Because Mifsud was an FBI agent posing as a Russian agent.

Why? Because this is their last option to prevent public disclosure.

This is Shock and Awe, the death throes of a collapsing empire. Stay strong. Don’t be reactionary. We all know our roles as information holders, we are the educators and researchers. The fine point quill that defies empires with ink.

The storm of the century is hear. Flashzones every where. Keep your whits, as they panic, remain calm.

Truth shall prevail

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