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Monday, August 19, 2019

EMP / CME Mitigation

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I have touched on this issue before.   I have spent years shielding and protecting some of the US's
most sensitive assets, using HEMP shields and filters and just all around better smarter designs that mitigate risk out of the gate.    Using optic fibers for super essential comms is one of them. 

Costs were 10's of Millions

This website is flagged as "dangerous" by Firefox, but I didn't want to lose the link, so here it is, evaluate at your own risk.

Most of this is "risk assessment", which is indicative of the stage we are in.    Simple and clear mitigation steps are hard to find.  

I like steel gun safes to protect your most valuable electronics, and electronic records.

Other's have claimed that a steel trash can can work (It Should!).    After quite a bit of research about whether the Faraday cage should be grounded (say to your building electrical system) the pretty clear but not totally clear answer is to try to keep them ungrounded.    Concrete actually conducts electricity pretty well.   Having them on a dry piece of wood and/or a rubber pad would be great.
They have something to sell also, all these "black boxes" must be reviewed with extreme care. 

Immediately jumping out at me is

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