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Monday, August 12, 2019

Epstein: Chandler and Wexner are Key to Exposing the Decadel Corruption and Blackmail

Update from missFrill

8-15-19 Update.
Interesting stuff, yet not "filling".    Bloomberg announces 5 hours of audio tape and then presents 8 snippets of 45 seconds each.   Even so, the image that comes out about Epstein, is kind of what I had thought all along.   He wasn't that sharp, he was seen as some type of useable tool, and he was recruited to play a part.

Neck broken in multiple places.    In a cell specifically designed to not allow someone to kill themselves, much less hang themselves.


 Altamira -- Connections and Coincidences are ODD Epstein, Dayton Shooting, Wexner
stock here - this is not all my work, but I hope this presentation makes it clear.

NEW INFO -- 8-7-19 Wexner attempts to distance himself from Epstein after we broke the real story.


 Rachel Chandler -- A Key Into the Sexual Deviancy of the "Elite" -- Warning Minor Nudity
If you don't know who Rachel Chandler is, have a look see.

What would a person who could facilitate these kinds of things, look like.    Rachel Chandler.


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