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Friday, August 30, 2019

Galactic Cosmic Rays, Grand Solar Minimum, Clouds, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Cooling

adder.....Greta Thunberg, more abused than a MKultra kid, in New York to promote climate lies.
at bottom.   Greta looks totally weird in this one, more than usual.   Like she is amazed that she is not the center of attention.   And the other kids, mostly girls shown, have some nifty "chants".

They are convinced that they are fighting carbon.

And AOC gets into the act, and replaying her video was deemed "sexist" because, well because, she is a female.    Seriously.    Not because she is a twit trotting out the lies of the globalists.....and that if we don't spent Trillions, the alternative is Death, or spending even more money, or having all our our coastal cities underwater.  

Judge for yourself


stock here -- There is a battle brewing right now, and it is becoming obvious to me, so let me point it out early.   

I will take credit for this Hypothesis which I came up with in Hawaii in 2018 during the super eruption event, I was there in Hawaii.

The huge eruptive events, which always occurred in the wee hours of the morning, were caused by nucleation of dissolved gases within the Magma Chambers by Galactic Cosmic Rays.

This united with something else I have known since around 2006, that  Galactic Cosmic Rays cause nucleation of clouds and a cooling effect.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks....when you have "Quiet Sun" (current times are being called Grand Solar Minimum by many), you get both

1) More clouds, and cooling, 
2) More volcanoes, and cooling via volcanic dusts reflecting sunlight.

Both at the same time, caused by the same thing.   Quiet sun reduces Earth's shield against Galactic Cosmic Rays, and are seeing exactly this now.

I returned to the mainland in late June 2018, and the eruptive event SHUT DOWN in August 2018 and I published my Hypothesis.   You get both at the SAME TIME, cooling reinforcing cooling.


The establishment (the Globalists) have upped their game, a LITTLE BIT.

They are trying to present an argument that "it's not the sun" with the stale old lie about the irradiance not hardly changing at all.

But look at the comment section.   Real people are the majority of the comments. 

TSI is a red herring. The suns magnetic field(s) and our own is linked. We don’t yet fully appreciate the effect of this phenomenon but in the coming years I believe we will. This much can be confirmed: the decrease in the sun’s AND our earth’s magnetic field result in increased cosmic radiation making it into our atmosphere. The increase in cloud cover due to increased cosmic radiation coupled with increased vulcanism will likely have a cooling effect.

Co2 instead of the Sun affecting climate? What an ignorant boob.

We must start reducing the overpopulation of the human species as soon as possible. The smaller number of humans that need to survive - the better. This will really help reduce climate change as well. 7.75 Billion human cockroaches is just too many!

This whole discussion completely misses what makes a Grand Solar Minimum or Maximum. Which is the intensity of the magnetic field of the sun and what effects it has on our climate. Again, a climate alarmist caught lying by omission.

Bugger, the worlds coming to an end again.
The Climate Hoax Elites can't allow the idea that the Sun could possibly have any effect on planet Earth's climate get into people's thoughts because people are taxable and the Sun isn't.

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