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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Google is Evil -- Project Veritas -- Zachary Vorhies Leaks Google Document Dump

stock here -- I normally like to "Make the News", but this is important.

Google is totally slanted, a leftist tool of the Globalists.    Blogger is hosted on Google, created by Google.

I am backing up my site in full again.   At the bottom is the "Amazing Polly" who comments on this subject.

Here is the Google Document Dump link, I suggest you download as much as possible.

Zachary Vorhies -- created a Dead Mans switch.  


  1. On the Project Veritas website they have the documents available using a specific app.
    I am having trouble getting it to work on my computer.
    If anyone can download the "politics" folder and re-up it to google cloud or somewhere for normal downloading it would be much appreciated.
    If you manage it, pst the URL here.

    1. point me at the app or folder, or both, I can't find either quickly

  2. Duh, it was my own link....i installed app and downloaded a few of the sections, no time to review or re-upload.


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