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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Gun Grabbers and Communists, The Globalist Plot Clearly Displays Its Main Tenants, But Forced to Play Their Hand Too Quickly

stock here --
methinks and hopes that the globalists have been forced to play their hand too quickly.

And when they are exposed for being the orchestrators of many of these mass shootings, and pretend mass shootings, they will be slapped back even harder.

But we will see, and more so than ever, it's time to be vigilant.   And spread the word.

AFTER DECADES  of telling us "We aren't coming for your guns....."

Now Biden Say "BINGO" I am coming for your guns, Mandatory buybacks with criminal penalties for not "voluntarily" turning in your guns.    "But we aren't going into your closet to grab them"

This "Thread Reader" post is excellent, and off the top of his head.


Barry, the constitutional lawyer, mixed race, mixed religion from Hawaii, trained in Chicago

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