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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Police Chief Calls Out BLM As Radical Hate Group-- Deep State Responds With A 20 Death Mass Murder In His City

stock here - my original research, no one seems to have picked up on this yet.
This police chief called out BLM in July, and "they" responded with a mass murder in his city. 

Months ago I predicted that mass shootings, and other false flags would occur on a daily and sometimes s a day basis.   As the Deep State is being exposed for their satanism and pedophilia among other more traditional high crimes.....

Just weeks ago, El Paso Chief called out BLM (Black Lives Matter) as a radical hate group

Beto O'Roukeand other deep staters who particularly want open border and cheap votes that are effectively bribable, shouted that the the Chief needed to be held accountable (punished).
forcefully and unequivocally, and hold Chief Allen accountable for damaging the public trust and bringing disrepute to our community."

The jew owned media immediately label this as a "hate crime", LOL, because shooter was white, even though the superbly corrupt FBI stated there is no evidence of a hate crime at this time.

I see, correctly identifying one of the enemies, gets oneself attacked.    And to punish him, they created a mass murder, at least 20 dead, at the intersection of Walmart and Hooters.

These folks are complacent, complicit, or the chief pushers of the demise of the USA as we knew it.
Mostly Democrat (maybe all), and quite a few Hispanics.

signed by:
  1. State Sen. José Rodríguez, D-El Paso;
  2. County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal; 
  3. state Rep. Joe Moody, D-El Paso; 
  4. state Rep. Mary González, D-El Paso; 
  5. state Rep. César Blanco, D-El Paso; 
  6. state Rep.-elect Evelina "Lina" Ortega; 
  7. County Commissioner David Stout; 
  8. El Paso Independent School District Trustee Susie Byrd; 
  9. Greg Davis of the El Paso Branch of the NAACP; 
  10. Fernando Garcia of the Border Network for Human Rights; and 
  11. Terri Burke of the ACLU of Texas.
Then within 24 hours, another mass shooting in Ohio.   Texas and Ohio and both kind of swing states for national elections.   Texas is already "won" by the deep state and open borders regimes, so this "victory" in previous gun toting, straight talking Texas is a "success" to build upon.     And Ohio went to Trump, so important to show how evil Trump allowed this Ohio shooting to happen.

stock here: Anyone ever thought about "Why is Christopher Wray" still at the helm of the FBI?  interesting question.   He helping throw many elections to the Democrats in 2018 when he spoke about the "bombs" sent to Democrats.    They were obviously not bombs, and they obviously didn't even have Postage Cancellation marks.

Now the FBI has completely taken over the "investigation"
El Paso police Chief Gregory K. Allen said at an evening news conference that the crime appears to have “a nexus at this point in time to a hate crime.”

Of course the plot is not just disarming the public, but censoring any real discussions or news.    After the eff-bee-eye came out 2 days in a row stating how "conspiracists" can be domestic terrorists, in particular, 8-chan,4-chan, VOAT, etc.....


The document police believe the suspect wrote was posted on 8chan, an online messaging board full of racist, bigoted and anti-Semitic content. A CNN analysis of the document reveals it was posted less than 20 minutes before police received the first calls about the shootings.


  1. in other news - is this 6.3m quake off Fuku on the 1-10 US scale or the 1-7 Japan scale??

  2. Meet Bryan Crusius: El Paso's Shooter's Father, Connected to JOHN OF GOD

  3. Nat'l News - BOMBSHELL:
    Mass shooting events follow pattern of “FBI terror plots” documented by the New York Times… agents recruit social media extremists to frame as scapegoats for engineered violence

    1. So, Stock...
      i just heard the morning news New York talking heads
      and then the President's speech.
      I hope you would gather, Stock, but i know you are
      such a busy bee that you can't devote attention to
      all the darkness.
      Trump has spoken that he will clamp down on internet.
      Messages which may be deemed to be anti-government,
      or hate-speech, or "Racist" or Mentally Unstable or
      whatever criteria they decide, shall be subject to new
      So, Miss Frill, a question...
      you have linked this "FBI terror plots" message,
      here at Stock's website, which has previously, in the
      last couple months, been closed down, his Twitter
      closed before that, for simple logic-probe challenges...
      are you going to publish this BOMBSHELL from
      Natural News website on your own Cuttlefish website?
      ...thereby triggering notice for your own site??
      "FBI terror plots", which, we know these things are true enough,
      from the first attempt at a WTC bombing back in '93...
      But now we see a guy with true Brain Power,
      and the Willingness to
      share important thinking (Stock),
      should be made vulnerable to increased Scrutiny?
      Everybody needs to Save down all this rare, important info,
      before Stock gets his website shut down again.
      Cuttlefish...? Are you a Provocateur, and ultimately seeking
      to shut down intelligent Men?
      This seems like a sinister tactic.
      Publish you most Red-Flag material on the Cuttlefish site!

    2. I am quite sure that Cuttle is not a provocateur, I am not too concerned that "they" will come after me in any more than an annoying way, at least at this point.

      I agree that with all the spying ability available to the CIA FBI that either they are grossly incompentent, or they are finding these loose cannons on the internet and then using the loose cannons to carry out their dirty work. Or at least ignoring them if the "radicals" look like they may perform some action that helps them sell the narrative.

      It's a slippery slope. And like the "fake dead babies" in Syria that emotionally got Ivanka to get Trump to fire some missiles, it is rather sad that a predicted an obvious plot (multiple mass murders) would actually get Trump to step into gun those who implement it cannot be trusted. I hear that Strzok is now welcomed into the FBI buildings by Wray.....

      WTF is Wray even doing at the FBI?

  4. Thanks for running this good info, Stock!
    For a long time i never registered for one of the services
    to enable me to comment, trying to be somewhat naive
    about net surveillance.
    Like, i know better than to think they don't Got my Number,
    if they chose to make contact or allow the computer to
    select me for useless eater, extermination list.
    So now, i am Google Boy so i can
    make these comments! Yay! So, the Goofy Slammer-spammer
    shills and such , like we used to see at ENENEWS, jamming up
    the real exchange of intelligent communications, seems like
    this kind of attack was used to shut down the controversial
    "anonymous channels", though i kept my distance from these.
    It seems that we have the added conditioning upon us:
    "The Suspect had his Hard drives and Phones and other
    records seized", like we shall all expect to have no privacy,
    no security of personal papers and offices.
    They can gather their cyber-gang,
    and accuse you of Wrongdoing, because you simply accessed
    a website, typed a text message, blogged a few words, shared
    a photo or Verboten Commie Spiel or whatever.
    So, one of the blog list sites you link to from here, i went and made
    a few comments, at just this clamp-down time, and now see
    comments closed on the stories posted.
    I feel like a 'tato seeing all the Good work you are doing, and
    dutifully reporting, like c'mon the rest of youse guys! Get it
    together! Such unbelievable waste in the country, so let's
    do some compost piles!
    RT has been running a special about the horrible poison
    components in Big-Name Dog Foods, like the ones you go
    to the Big Pet Store to buy. Horrible sickness and death
    for the good doggies. Corporations defending their shit.
    So Thanks again, Stock...
    i will see how a new State-border agricultural inspection
    goes in a few days. One time, thirty years ago, the
    Cali inspector at the Oregon line wanted to come into the
    camper and inspect the refrigerator and any coolers for
    possible contraband produce. Now they are overrun, in
    Cali and Oregon...
    but we shall see if we can survive a few days
    in the Golden Bear Republic. Watch, perfect Murphy's Law
    timing on the Quakes? Aieee!
    Shows to Go you!
    Remember the Alamo!
    Big Spring!
    Remember San Jacinto!
    I'm glad my Uncle Bill said, " Don't Lie."...

    1. Now we know both shootings were "government sponsored" at least the deep state PART of our government. Don't underestimate Mossad either!!


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