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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Soros Visited The Obama White House 335 Times While Occupied by Obama

stock here: the below "sauce" from VOAT has already been "hid".

The information was findable after a tortuous and deceptive search path

here they are

The process to download and convert to Excel is pretty horrible.
Lots of excess data, useless stuff, making massive files like 180MB for a year.   Naming conventions are not consistent, and sometimes its a half year, sometimes a year.  



...”On Feb 17, 2017 the Web-based interface for the archive of the Obama White House’s visitor logs hosted by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is gone. The embedded Web application, which was provided by Seattle-based Socrata, is now a broken plug-in. The logs are still available as open government data on the Obama White House archive, compressed into ZIP files that expand into comma-separated value data sets. If you have Excel or can set up a database, you can search through them. (Google Spreadsheets and Apple Pages can’t handle a million row data set.)...”

HERE’S THE LOGS - The Obama White House Archives - Press Room - Visitor Logs - It’s a CSV file, too big for G-Docs or Notepad - nearly 6 million lines/records


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