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Sunday, September 15, 2019

9-11 Did Airplanes Really Fly Into Those Buildings? Yes, And A Full Explanation

The plot is not that complicated.

Some people state that it would be totally impossible for amateurs to fly planes into those buildings.   I disagree.

I am a pilot with less than 200 H experience and at my skill level I could have flown those planes into those buildings.  

It is not that hard to point at something, flying is actually easier than driving.

So this "truther" meme is a bad one, a weak one.    They were terrorists, they were found out via intelligence and allowed to carry their plan.    The building were leased to lucky larry, because the government is self insured so why not throw a  few billion to a fellow jew, while avoiding the billions it would cost in asbestos and lead remediation and demolition. 

I have watched maybe 200 videos from the "Event", and it was clear that airplanes flew into those buildings.   Anyone saying otherwise is just cherry picking, with an agenda.

Here are some of the best videos, which haven't been disappeared YET.   Expect rampant censorship of all sorts to increase exponentially.

I had a couple great videos pegged, and posted here, that made it totally plain, that explosives were used in the upper floors of the buildings.

hmmmm....those video now require you to accept cookies, give a message in French, and then ultimately, now you get nothing.    Sheesh.    One remains still live -- Propaganda trying to prove that Building 7 collapse was 100% due to fire, completely ignoring the fact that the BBC, 23 minutes before the Building 7 collapse, had a reporter (Jane Stanley) stating that Building 7 had collapsed, hilariously and ironically with Building 7 standing in the background behind her.

And of course the planes themselves and their fire wouldn't bring down the buildings, so they were rigged with explosives. 

Also, my discovery, they did mini-nukes in the basement for 2 reasons:
1) to make room for the buildings to fall into to avoid knocking down even more adjacent buildings
2) to shake and bake and make sure the whole mess came down. 

USGS took around 30 detailed samples all over the area, my expertise in radio-nuclides let me easily see that their testing showed levels of radionuclides that were hundreds of time more than naturally occurring.  AND that did not come from the granite stonework, it doesn't work that way, the radionuclides were from fresh fission, not from a granite like decay chain.

And they thought it important to also "attack the military" attack the pentagon, but they were fresh out of planes, so they used a cruise missile.

There fixed it for ya.

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