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Friday, September 20, 2019

A Climate Conversation at Suspicious0bservers

Something tells me the climate zealots aren't going to calm down in the face of new facts.
I find your Ideological dogmatism disturbing, For a bunch of people who are supposedly the "open minded ones" you are an incredibly arrogant bunch. Just because Cosmic energy might drive Climate does not mean Ocean acidification and other pollutant related problems/environmental concerns are not issues we shouldn't be concerned about. Even if C02 is proven unequivocally not to drive Climate (my guess is both factors are contributing) You ideologues will never convince anyone because of how arrogant you are in your perspective and that's exact attitude about main stream climate science that you find so abhorrent. I could fucking facepalm myself into last century with how insanely divisive this rhetoric has become. Stop polluting our information ecology!

 Bryce Cutting  Fuck you to hell. The game being played is not just bad science, it is the attempted take over of the planet by globalist pigs that want total control and they intend to do it via control of energy, via fighting carbon, transfer of wealth, esp from the USA which has been plundered and weakened for decades, very intentionally.

These are the same media owning pigs that have, in conjunction with Big Pharma, drove the suicide rate way up and are making every effort to increase dissatisfaction with life. They are attempting to divide us in every way possible.

And of course the installation of socialism and worse. FYTH.

The libs are supposedly the open minded ones. How absurd is that. So I label you as projection. And FYTH for your straw man. None of us want to more pollution, more poisons in our food. All of us want to smartly focus on the most important things that we can change. -------------------------------------------------------
This is really important, a very odd reality of rotating bodies.   This may have some impact on geo-mechanics of the earth, including earthquakes and vulcanism.

It is more wacky then the
"Coriolos Component of Acceleration" which so far defies an "intuitive gut grasp" of simply have to accept the math of it all. 

Here is an attempt at making the Coriolos Component of Acceleration

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