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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Cat 5 Hurricane Modeled to Pummel Nuclear Plants -- No Info Available -- Assume They are Running Full Bore

We covered Hurricane Irma extensively as it pummeled Florida in 2017.

And Hurricane Harvey,  Cat 4, Hitting Texas et al.

There was so much information available, including nuke plant Facebook pages with live information.

GOOGLE has done it!  They have pre-emptively censored all real information related to these nuclear plants directly in the PROJECTED path of Hurricane Dorian, Cat 5.   

One commentor said, in defense of the plant running, "you can't just flip a switch, it's not that simple", to which my response was.....

Exactly, there are many cooling mechanisms that require many different systems to all work to bring it to an orderly shutdown.   The radiation reactions of the short lived isotopes continue to generate a lot of heat, enough heat to melt the fuel and have a meltdown which then goes into full fission again, and you get Fukushima reactor 3 and 4.   Then the whole area is contaminated, no US workers would even approach it, and then the spent fuel pool, which hold abour10,000 nuclear bombs worth of radiation lights off, and then it is atlantic ocean all dead, Europe plastered and every section of the world plastered around the world in 40 days....all so fucking FPL can make an extra million by not shutting down and taking that risk.

Hence the need to shut the plant down in an orderly fashion, while offsite power is available.    When offsite power is lost, and FPL stated that in event of landfall, loss of power is almost for sure.....the plant goes into emergency shutdown mode, and THEN all the emergency systems have to work......or else you get meltdown.    

Assume also at the time, 20 foot of storm surge, no outside rescue efforts would be effective or even possible.

Nothing can be found except an article from Aug 30 2019 stating that the nuclear plants will shut down, in the headline.   And then the article explains "if winds above 74 MPH are forecast.

A shutdown cost $1M per day.     An accident costs 1,000,000 Million dollars, a Trillion.  If the odds of an accident were greater than 1 in a million, then it would absolutely make sense to pre-emptively shut down.

I did find Turkey Point FB, looks deserted, the Facebook that is.

It's even very hard to get a satellite view, although one is below.   The new hurricane coverage is all about the "scary forecasts" to get people to buy overpriced generators.
Lyman pointed to a 2017 NRC analysis that assessed flooding risks for units 1 and 2 at the St. Lucie plant. A measurement called the “available physical margin” for the units was recorded as 3.6 and 5.1 inches, respectively. That’s the estimated height between potential floodwaters and the units’ key systems.
Though the report concluded the plant’s flood protection plan was adequate, it makes Lyman nervous with Dorian on the way.
“Usually, adequate margin is measured in feet,” he said, “not inches.”

No information on this St Lucie employee page.   I bet they have a gag order on them.

St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant employee information exchange

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