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Friday, September 27, 2019

Deadly, Genetically Damaging Chemical C8 (Think Related to Flouride) in 7.5 Million California Resident Drinking Water. Also Alaska.

7.5 million Californians drink water with toxic 'forever chemicals' | Daily Mail Online

Submitted by Lot's Wife

and here is a link to a PDF describing the water hazards in Alaska


C8 (PFAS/PFOA, etc.) is built on fluoride, the negative ion of the element fluorine. It is very small and slippery. It is near the top of the elemental scale in its electro-magnetic potential. In the human body it turns soft tissue to stone. Its first major industrial applications aided the development of nuclear weapons. 

At commercial scales, it cannot be filtered from water. Once spilled, it’s forever. Crops irrigated with C8-tained water present exposure vectors, even if a community’s water is C8 free. Living with it means: Increased kidney, thyroid, and prostate cancer. (Latency effects predict other diseases will be traced to C8.) 

This is the chemical equivalent of radioactive contamination. 

Virulent (small doses often reflect paradoxical effects, more damage than large doses), systemic, and epigenetic in outcomes (down through generations). Synergistic effects with other chemicals in modern water systems are largely unknown. 
Water quality reports show C8 (PFAS/PFOA, etc.) in the system that supplies most of the people in
Fairbanks, Alaska. In Alaska’s case, local releases can be traced to US military locations, or to adoption of military standards by state and community fire-fighters.

Coinciding trend lines suggest that US military expenditure is inversely related to the health of its funders (enablers). 

As C8 speeds entropy, I can’t but wonder if we’re caught in a sort of slow-motion cannibalization of the machine. Women, children, and elders first.

Golden Heart Utilities 2019 water quality report

See this report by Alaska Community Action on Toxics for the most up to date accounting of Alaska communities that are contaminated by C8.


  1. I hear Berkey filters are able to filter this stuff out. Any info on whether all filters that filter fluoride will do the trick?

    1. I am not well versed on this chemical at this time.
      I use water softener and RO, and charcoal, and have good ground water to start with.


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