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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Greta Thunberg -- I Am Afraid She Is Being Abused

stock here -- articles below are from someone else.

There is something both wrong with this girl (not just Aspergers describes her condition), but also, others are taking advantage of her, abusing her.   And I think at the onset, it is perhaps both parents, perhaps just her Mom.    In a misguided "whatever it takes" because we are on the high moral ground.

They say she is 16, reminds me more of a 13 year old.

Family history covered here.   Goes back to Nobel of the Nobel Peace Prize.   Why do you think Obama got the Nobel peace prize before he did anything?


Somebody already has, a 6 part article actually, I don’t know how many times and places I need to
post this to make people see the bigger picture:

People wonder what’s going on with all of these school strikes and the myriads of youth organizations popping up, well, it’s the same old agenda shifting strategy, having lost the scientific battle

They’re now planning to win with behavioral psychology, mass hysteria, counter cultures and civil disobedience. It’s all there for people to read and most revealing and yet nobody bloody cares, only the Corbettreport has taken heed.




Part 5

Addendum to Part 5

A seven part documentation on Greta Thunberg's suspicious background:

The name Thunberg is very rare, it stems from Germany. In German phonebooks there are only two Thunbergs now so they very likely are all related.
Carl Peter Thunberg was a 18th century globalist:
Carl Peter Thunberg: Traveller, Scientist - Transculturator?
This study aims at scrutinizing to what extent Thunberg acted as a transculturator in promoting a knowledge exchange between the European and Japanese culture. The concept of the transculturator, as it was first formulated by Pratt (1992), consists of three elements: the transport of foreign knowledge to the home culture, the injection of one's own cultural knowledge into the foreign culture and the representation of both cultures involved as equal to one another. In the course of the following analysis, all three elements are examined separately with regard to scientific and cultural-linguistic knowledge and by considering the original Swedish version and the German, English and French translations of Thunberg's travelogue. The paper argues that Thunberg clearly fulfils the role of a transculturator through the promotion of a two-sided socio-cultural dialogue between Europe and Japan which influenced the academic and everyday world in both countries. Yet, the research also claims that Thunberg was limited in this role through a presentation-perception paradox; that is, the discrepancy between the presentation and consumption of data due to differences among the translations, historical developments and varying cultural backgrounds. These findings are likely to sensitize further studies of the scope



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