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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Large Deep Earthquakes Up 500%, "Gap Day" Ground Shattering Research, Predicting EQ By Studying When The DON'T HAPPEN

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Sometimes tedious and fairly random research comes up with remarkable things.   However, as an Excel user for 30 plus years, I am shocked at it's levels of quirkiness.    An beyond the pale, is what looks like awesome support, that is so ineffective! 

On that note, if there are any other Earthquake researchers out there, I have a solution for a horribly pesky date problem, Excel has 2 huge will often not recognize something as a date, even when you tell it that your cell or column is a date.  

And then, it will not be able to sort by date, and tally up numbers by date, year, quarter, hour of day....and will just give you some half baked excuse that doesn't get you any closer to an answer.    Solution at bottom of this article.

A few days after I wrote this article, USGS comes out with a "geonarrative" on Kilauea 2018

1) One Coronal Hole wind stream about to hit
2) Another Equatorial CH swinging into view and will/is magnetically connected already
3) Increased Vulcanism Anak Krakatau, Indonesia (Note--I am still working this issue, there is some indication that at times, increased vulcanism will reduce earthquakes, as a pressure release)
4) Steamboat in Yellowstone at records output and heights. 
5) High GCRs nucleating gases in specific affectable magma chambers
6) A dearth of 7.5 plus earthquakes lately
7) Unusual EQ activity Hawaii, 4 today. 
8) 2 Super Deep and pretty large 6+ EQ in Indonesia

Like has anyone in the World noted that Large Deep Earthquakes are up 500% in the last decade, compared to the whole period from  1952.

And how about this little tidbit that I just stumbled across. From around 1973 to 1982 there were basically NO LARGE DEEP EARTHQUAKES.     And this amazing fact is NOT DISCUSSED in any Earthquake Research.

Seems like an obvious wave pattern in large earthquakes.

I choose 1952 as the cutoff for much research.    From the data, it is clear, that is when our EQ data and equipment became "modern".    Before that it was definitely sketchy.

Also, having 2 Large, 7.5 and over, in one day has taken a massive tick upward --
Historically, 2 Large in one day


I will add my "Gap Day" Research when I can.   Establishment EQ'ers use the "gap" in a completely different way. 

The problem: Excel does not want to recognize dates as dates, even though through "Format cells - Number - Custom" you are explicitly trying to tell it these are dates by "mm/dd/yyyy". As you know; when excel has recognized something as a date, it further stores this as a number - such as "41004" but displays as date according to format you specify. To add to confusion excel may convert only part of your dates such as 08/04/2009, but leave other e.g. 07/28/2009 unconverted.
Solution: steps 1 and then 2

1) Select the date column. Under Data choose button Text to Columns. On first screen leave radio button on "delimited" and click Next. Unclick any of the delimiter boxes (any boxes blank; no checkmarks) and click Next. Under column data format choose Date and select MDY in the adjacent combo box and click Finish. Now you got date values (i.e. Excel has recognised your values as Date data type), but the formatting is likely still the locale date, not the mm/dd/yyyy you want.

2) To get the desired US date format displayed properly you first need to select the column (if unselected) then under Cell Format - Number choose Date AND select Locale : English (US). This will give you format like "m/d/yy". Then you can select Custom and there you can either type "mm/dd/yyyy" or choose this from the list of custom strings.

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