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Thursday, September 26, 2019

On 9-21-19 We Published Large Earthquake Alert, After 2 Deep Indo EQ, Today 6.8 in Indonesia

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The joy of correctly predicting a large Earthquake is shadowed by the deaths that came with it on Sept 25th ---- a 6.8 in Indonesia, after the recent 2 super deep EQ in Indonesia that was part of our reason to declare the large EQ alert.   Some sites have downgraded it to a 6.5

It is possible that this is the result of the 2 super deep EQ, and it is POSSIBLE that this foreshadows an even larger quake in Indonesia.

From the 9-21-19 Alert

1) One Coronal Hole wind stream about to hit
2) Another Equatorial CH swinging into view and will/is magnetically connected already
3) Increased Vulcanism Anak Krakatau, Indonesia (Note--I am still working this issue, there is some indication that at times, increased vulcanism will reduce earthquakes, as a pressure release)
4) Steamboat in Yellowstone at records output and heights. 
5) High GCRs nucleating gases in specific affectable magma chambers
6) A dearth of 7.5 plus earthquakes lately
7) Unusual EQ activity Hawaii, 4 today. 
8) 2 Super Deep and pretty large 6+ EQ in Indonesia  

The 6.8 story

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