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Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Real Video Of Biden Bragging About Getting Ukraine Prosecutor Fired -- Now That Prosecutor Is Releasing Docs

stock here, reminder, all financial analysis sites at definitely playing the globalist narrative.   Marketwatch for sure.

The Dems/Libs have taken their projection and their Alinsky methods to a stupid absurd extreme, in playing the Ukraine card. 

I still think there is something weird about DNC running Biden in front.   The only logical thing that I can think that it is a ploy to have "Biden" lurch out near the end and then they run the reluctant "Michelle OBama".     Only Warren even seems possible to be credible.   And she won't win, so what is the only strategy the DNC can play ----  M. Obama.

And below we show a totally fabricated "conversation" between Trump and Ukraine's president, by Adam Schiff.   He is head of the "Intelligence Committee".    Some of the "base" will believe this is really what happened.   Read the unredacted transcript of the real conversation, which shows no Quid Pro Quo (important legal concept) 

In Europe, UK, The Boris Brexit strategy appears to have the next move after D5, checkmate.    And so the ploy by the Globalist insertions in the UK move is to "expose the hand of the victors" as if thinking that "exposing" something that is a win, somehow makes it evil.

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BREAKING: Solomon Bombshell — Ukrainian Prosecutor Shokin Details BIDEN’S SHAKEDOWN — WILL LIKELY END BIDEN CAMPAIGN!

Investigative journalist John Solomon told Sean Hannity on Wednesday night that he has over 400 pages of documents that he will reveal Thursday that show Hunter Biden’s legal team worked with the Ukrainian prosecutors to end the investigation on the vice president’s son.

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