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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

2020: Leftists Plan To Scare Conservatives Via Doxying and Then Attacks on Them, And Tulsi To Split Repub Votes

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2 epiphanies today on

1) The Hillary and Tulsi Spat
2) Facebook and Twitter Plan to Dox Conservatives and beat them up

Mandy from Bombards Body Language has nice timing today with Fox's joke of a softball interview on Zuckerberg, the lizard, link is HERE to her site.   And video is embedded at the bottom of this article.  

Bombards Body Language
Why would Hillary attack Tulsi Gabbard with the super stale and not sure any one at all believes the Russia asset meme?    And then in typical projection manner, pretend that Tulsi will split the Dem vote?

DNC is trying to steer Tulsi Gabbard to split the Republican vote.   Many Republicans are anti-war as is Tulsi.    $7T spent in useless winless wars.......

Repubs will like someone who all out attacks and fights with Hillary, as Tulsi did.

Tulsi is an anti-globalist too.   And attractive and not crude.


The leftists plan is to scare conservatives into silence.    Into not expressing their opinions online and in the real world.

And they do this by doxxing the conservatives.   We saw that just happen this week.    This is also nice to start a civil war.   They will use paid Antifa to attack some of the Trump supporters that they just doxed, that will kick it up a notch.

Twitter has been gearing up to Dox for a long time now.  
They will do this by having your account linked to a real life telephone, then you can be doxxed.

They p[retend that you can sign up for Twitter without a phone.   But if you do, as soon as you start using the account, they will suspend you for some reason (no reason), and then send you to a page where you can straighten it all out by providing a phone.   They pretend that there are other ways to get back your account but none of them work.

And if you already have an account, they put you into some type of suspension, and then ask for a phone (sometimes pretending it is for your own security).    And if you don't give them a phone, they just keep jumping you in circles, pretending that you can "appeal".

I know all the above by personal experience.   There is much information on Twitter, it is a hindrance to not have access to Twitter, so I have tried hard.   I have screen capped most of the events, but it might take hours to put together a great summary.   IT IS THE TRUTH.

Now Facebook announces that they too will be not just working to "confirm" the owner of a
Facebook page, but they will be "showing more information" about the confirmed owner of a page.

"showing more information" like your full name, maybe address, phone, birthday.     And even if they don't do all those, there will be a "data breach" that will.

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