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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Biden Gate -- DNC Set Him Up To Fail -- Attempted To Create A Trap For Trump to Attack Him

stock here -- we said this months ago.    There is no way the Dems would realistically run an old white guy, especially a creepy one.    Biden may not have sex with children, but he sure likes to push the limit on what he can "get away with".

I was just reading an old headline from the super liberal local rag of a newspaper we have.    Early September 2019 "Biden and Warren Both Lead Trump in Polls". 

Hilarious!   Who took that poll, where, and who did they ask, and who tallied it?

In may 2019 I questioned whether the Dems would "really" run a pedophile.

On September 30, 2019 I opined that maybe there were 2 purposes to run Biden.
1) Protect Biden and Crack Head Hunter
2) Draw Trump into appearance of impeachable offense

I no longer think the DNC had any intention to protect Biden or his son.   They are simply fodder that never had a chance, but are too stupid to realize they been played.   

Now.....who is going to leak the DNC insider texts and email that show the setup of Biden?    They sure played Bernie good last race, and he is "back for more" after accepting his free house to keep his mouth shut about his prior setup. 

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