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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

By George I Have Tied Together The Death of Kennedy Jr, HRC Indictment, 45, 11-18, 322, 444 of America Held Hostage

....We have assumed control, we have assumed control.......Rush

This is quite the rambling rant.   Amazing how things can tie together.   Not sure what it means, some think that our "guardians" come from the travellers.

Winter is coming

The Makahiki is when--Winter officially begins when the Makali'i cluster begins to rise at sunset and set at dawn and is visible most of the night.     The Makaali'i is also known as the Pleiades (a group of stars that I think looks like the super small dipper).

It is also Messier object 45.   

45, get it?

When the Pleiades Rises at Sunset, and Sets at Dawn (i,e, fills the sky the whole night) the period of peace called the Makahiki in Hawaii, starts, usually around 11-18 (November 18).

November 18 is the 322nd day of the year.

322 is an important number of the Skull and Bones Society and therefore the Masons

The peace lasts for several months.    Queen Emma in Hawaii (real name Heavenly Emma, Ema-lani) was named after Saint Emma, who you will see below.

The Pleiades is also known as the 7 Sisters, aka the 7 Daughters of Atlas who holds up the sky.    The mom was Pleione the Oceanid (A nymph)

The Daughters were Alcyone , Celaeno , Electra , Maia , Merope , Sterope and Taygete

You can rearrange those letters to be
C St. Emma
Catholic Saint Emma

whose pilgrimage connects Slovenia, Syria, and Austria


Its 444 Light Years to the Seven Sisters

The Iranian hostage crisis held Americans for 444 days.  

ON day 444 of the Trump presidency, The Zionist controlled Amazon Post wrote the blurb above.

My numbers are 8 and 11, sometimes together as 811

But also 888, and 11-11
Some other numbers of great importance to me, 1109 and 1112

Of course I focus on 311, 911  Fukushima, and the Demolition of the World Trade towers, and of course building 7.

Just saying, I don't really know what they mean, they are "just the numbers"


Austria and Ukraine have always had a history together even though today they are far apart.    Ukraine used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In World War 1, Ukraine was Occupied by the Bolsheviks and the Bolsheviks were driven out by a coalition including Austria.

Austria is one of the weakest members in supporting the EU, and Austria is hesitant to point any finger at Russia.

George magazine was owned and started by John F Kennedy Jr, but folded in 2001 shortly after JFK Jr Died in a plane accident on 7-16-1999.    He was a front runner for a US Senate seat from New York.    Hillary Clinton went on to win that senate race.   She ended up running against Rudy Giuliani.

Hillary Clinton went on record as supporting Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel  on 7-9-1999.

On 10-8-1999 Clinton filed a statement of Candidacy, which CNN Reported at 11:18 AM

The Guardian gives an especially detailed view on how he crashed, which is amazing since no one really knows....

This issue talks about the indictment of Hillary Clinton for Whitewater crimes.

Inspiration from


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