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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Diabolical Control of the Media Is Now 110 Years Old. Communism Used To Weaken, and Thus Control.

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It occurred to me that the Barr foreign trips were not likely to result in a smoking gun, but rather their  purpose was to show, in a very obvious way "We know that you tried to screw with us" and now we are staring you directly in the face."   Try again, and we will release your crimes and methods to general knowledge.


Submitted by Lot's Wife

In 1909, British control of world journalism formally began with the London Imperial Press Conference. Advances in communication technology (the telegraph network) and precise timekeeping (GMT) required policy adjustments. The date coincides with Imperial projects already in play: Pimping Lenin to topple Russia's Czar; spinning WWI as a Christian duty to stop crazed Huns; leveraging President Wilson's secret lover to reverse his promise to stay out of WWI; and setting up journalists in the colonies (USA included) to spy for the empire while writing propaganda. 

The London bankers’ aimed to remove the Czar and enforce Communism on Russia, knowing the economic system would pauperize the country. A substitute for war, the failed economic model hobbled competition and kept Russia mired in domestic failures and finger-pointing for generations. Post-WWII, General Gehlen’s CIA-paid teams consistently overestimated Soviet military and economic strength. Estimates were written to increase tension and prioritize war-planning. The Cold War was built on lies that made billions of dollars for weapons corporations and their bankers in the west. A percentage of the loot (US tax dollars) collected by the weaponeers is used to buy political favors, candidates, and elected officials (Republican and Democrat) from coast to coast. 

Banning religion and closing Russian churches attempted to remove the country's historic, cultural, and moral foundations. The Communist Party became the new church, one that required spying on and reporting your neighbors. Millions upon millions of people died as a consequence of starvation, disease, and violence. Researchers McKibben and Gabriel say the play was set in motion by London bankers, people who understood that to stay on top requires political intelligence, ongoing surveillance, and the ability to project force and fear.

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