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Friday, October 25, 2019

General Flynn -- Bankrupted and Then Forced to Take a Plea on Manufactured Lies about Lies


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I suggest you post each of these images in thread format on twitter under #FREEFLYNN - one image per thread post with each post hashing #FREEFLYNN. The more the merrier. We need to make it impossible for them to suppress this information. It's really happening!
Post #1:
New court fliling by General Flynn's lawers show that the FBI tried to frame Flynn (and worse!) #FREEFLYNN
Post #2:
This was all directed by @Comey without a legitimate law enforcement objective. #FREEFLYNN
Post #3:

Post #4:
The government has much in its possession that is exculpatory to Flynn and will eventually reveal their motives for this charade. #FREEFLYNN
Post #5:
The government says they don't have to provide Flynn any exculpatory evidence because they were able to pressure him into pleading guilty, thus waiving that right. #FREEFLYNN
Post #6:

Post #7:
Comey met with co-conspirators, including the CIA the day before revealing the Steele Dossier to Trump. The FBI then leaked this information to the media, and then used it as a pretext to target Flynn. #FREEFLYNN
Post #8:
They knew they had no basis for the investigation. They did not inform the White House. (Also, they may have a mole in their ranks.) #FREEFLYNN
Post #9:
They knew what they were doing. Lisa Page eventually flipped. #FREEFLYNN
Post #10:
Their plan worked. They got Flynn to talk honestly and openly without a lawyer present.
Post #11:
The only problem was: Flynn was innocent. #FREEFLYNN
Post #12:
That didn't stop them from manufacturing a lie. #FREEFLYNN
Post #13:
Meanwhile, they are looking to selectively leak so that they can create the illusion that Trump and Flynn are Russian agents. #FREEFLYNN
Post #14:
But then Trump made his move and fired Comey. They jumped into gear to put their plan into action while they still could. They had no idea who Trump would bring in. Time was of the essence. #FREEFLYNN
Post #15:
Flynn and Trump were framed by @Comey's FBI. The special counsel would have never been possible if they had given Flynn the exculpatory evidence. This demonstrates intent. #FREEFLYNN
Post #16:

Post #17:

Post #18:
Conclusion. #FREEFLYNN
Post #19:
This information is no surprise to anyone who has followed #QANON. It has pretty much been narrated to people following the information along the way. We're now seeing fruits of this information. This isn't even a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg.

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