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Monday, October 14, 2019

Radiation Release at Fukushima! Easy Ways to Mitigate Personal Damage

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No time for a deep research and long post

But the recent 60 year worst Typhoon that slammed Japan and killed over 40 people in a 1st world nation which is heavily fortified against the weather and quakes.....took a lot of radioactive material and dispersed it.

The official TEPCO line was that radioactivity was "irregular".

The lack of details is disconcerting.   So do this!


Dose up with Iodine
Dose up with Vitamin C, take a boat load, like 10,000 mg per day
Dose up with Calcium and Magnesium (these are available in a single vitamin and they kick ass together)
Dose up with Baking Soda (This will reduce absorption of Plutonium and Americium, the worst!)

Do for like a week in USA, and then do again in 40 days. 

stock out!

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