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Thursday, November 14, 2019

60 Minutes And Virginia Roberts -- Epstein, Almost Hitting the Truth

60 Minutes, Almost Hitting the Truth

"He used me to create blackmail" and get "favors"

I guess I look at this as a limited hangout type of thing.    It's Odd that 60 Minutes did a "real story", but with the rash of "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" maybe they are worried that their lack of coverage of important topics will make it a bit too obvious that they are paid mouthpieces working for the super rich, spinning tall tales.

A top politician said recently "the press is so controlled, there is no freedom of the press".    There must be retalitory action of some sort, and how do we accomplish this without the appearance or reality of breaking the constitution.     When is "free speech" actually sedition and treason?

So back to the 60 minutes thing.    So they acknowledge the existence of Epstein, and they further use is to make powerful men look really bad (some are).   This at least further the goal of hatred between the sexes.  So it's not a total "loss" for them.    And then the New York Times enters the fray, with a story on how Epstein's Estate may "Set Up A Program to Pay Accusers".   Pay them off, and of course, a legal contract to just shut up from now on.

Many rich, powerful, royal, and very interested in seeing these women shut up.   Much damage
should still be done, and needs to be done.

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