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Thursday, November 14, 2019

7.1 Earthquake and Tsunami Warning -- Nov 14, We Called For It Nov 12 Based on 3 Weeks Low Kp Magnetism

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7.1 Earthquake and Tsunami Warning -- Nov 14, We Called For It Nov 12 Based on 3 Weeks Low Kp Magnetism

I did a little 3D Video showing the last weeks Indonesian Area  EQs.    That is below.  Along with a spreadsheet analyzing Time Gaps.   Its easy to see from the Video and the Spreadsheet Histogram that earthquakes trigger each other.

But what is not obvious by just looking at this small area, that EQ can trigger other EQ over large distances, and my work shows that sometimes the trigger can be electromagnetic, the only way an impulse could travel so far so fast.

This Indonesian pressure pulse (not) traveled at over 250,000 kilometers per hour TO HAWAII

Meanwhile, our best and brightest, paid with our tax dollars off the sweat of your brow, cannot be sure that earthquake and vulcanism can be linked.    That story here, with a stab at NOAA too.

There is also a strong Hawaii connection to Indonesia.   An Earthquake in Indonesia on August 5, 2018 shut down the Hawaiian Volcanic Event of 2018.

The Hawaii 2018 Volcanic Event -- Video Showing How the EQ Starting In Hilina Slump Led to The Biggest Flow in 200 Years!

If you don't know the "Slump" you need to

And some more "shit I made up".    Fast moving space rocks, can cause large earthquakes on Earth.   One example is comet Honda.   And the cause is definitely not a gravitational one, it's either electro-magnetism, plasma related, or something else that we don't even have on our radar.

And I sure don't think its the mysterious "dark matter" which is basically a scam to get funding for $50B super colliders and such.


  1. the tsunami warning place says it was 7.4 (!) - link on my blog.

    I will post this ...

    1. I saw that, USGS always downgrades. Kind of weird.

      How do you like the animations?

  2. animation very cool :)

    Tonight the US west coast is eerily silent on USGS map. Creepy....


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