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Sunday, November 17, 2019

A 43 Point Attempted Action Plan To Eliminate Trump

stock here: saw this at VOAT, someone took a lot of time to put together a list of all the shenanigans of the Anti-USA people.

----------------------------------------------  GOOD WORK!

A fun list from the comments sections of the GatewayPundit posted by TheMOSTvettedPrezinHistory
Game Plan to Eliminate Trump
Plan A. Collude with Hillary, GPS and the Russians to win the election.
Plan B. Sway the Electoral College votes
Plan C. Overturn the Election results with recounts. (Recounts were abandoned when they resulted in more votes for Trump and exposing democrat voter fraud)
Plan D. Nullify the election by framing Trump with Russian collusion
Plan E. Have the Deep State take Trump out using the 25th Amendment
Plan F. Impeach Trump for firing Comey
Plan G@String (Stormey Daniels). Impeach Trump for Campaign Finance violations
Plan H. Push Back: “If you see anybody from that cabinet.....get in their face”
Plan I. Impeach Trump for Obstruction of Justice
Plan J. Demonize Trump’s S.C. Justice nominee
Plan K. Impeach Trump for Money Laundering
Plan L. Impeach Trump for Treason
Plan M. Impeach Trump for revoking security clearances of people no longer in the government.
Plan N. Obstruct everything Trump attempts to do in congress
Plan O. Impeach Trump for violation of the Emoluments Clause
Plan P. Throw tantrum over Trump’s tax returns we will never see
Plan Q. Give sixteen year olds the vote
Plan R. Eliminate the Electoral College
Plan S. Let imprisoned convicts vote
Plan T. Use pictures of illegal alien children caged by 0bama and blame Trump
Plan U. Mueller Report findings....
Plan V. Mueller's 9 minute summary of Weismann’s 400 pg op-ed
Plan W. Impeach Trump for "racist" Tweet "if you don't like it here, go home"
Plan X. Mueller's testimony before Congress 🤣😂🤣
Plan Y. Moscow Trump Tower
Plan Z. Tie Bill's buddy Epstein to Trump
Plan AA. Exclude Trump from Kaliforia’s Primary Ballot
Plan AB. Convince voters we are headed into a recession
Plan AC. Recruit Establishment Never-Trumpers to run against him
Plan AD. Dox Trump supporters
Plan AE. Conspire with Silicon Valley to shut down any and all Conservatives
Plan AF. Change the whistle blower rules so literally anyone can fabricate a fake story based on hearsay
Plan AG. Change the House Rules on Impeachment as needed
Plan AH. Impeach Trump for pulling out of Syria after the Stated Mission of eradicating ISIS was successfully concluded
Plan AI. Impeach Trump for not informing leak prone democrats before taking out the ISIS leader and his successor
Plan AJ. Accuse Trump of a cover-up because the Trump/Zelenskiy transcript was stored on a secure system Wait, what?
Plan AK. Impeach Trump for Quid Pro Quo
no wait, make that Bribery,
intimidating tweets
Plan AL. Since Dems know they can’t impeach, have a meaningless show trial to keep the word “impeachment” in the news. And coach the witnesses on their hearsay evidence.

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