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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

American EU Ambassador Sondland Sex Accusations After He Did NOT LIE HARD ENOUGH ABOUT TRUMP

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The plot is pretty obvious.    If you do not lie, HARD ENOUGH, about Trump, you will be taken
down with false accusations.

I mean, how implausible is this?   3 women, all of a sudden, all recall a time when Sondland tried to "kiss them forcefully".   And the incredulous "shoved his tongue down my throat"....I mean who even writes these things.


Meanwhile, Epstein's Human Sacrifice Heiau did not kill itself, it was simply covered up by Google showing a weird looking tennis court instead.

If you read the article, implausible is clear.   And the writeup attempts to show "a pattern".
Three women have accused Gordon Sondland, the American ambassador to the European Union who is at the center of the presidential impeachment inquiry, of sexual misconduct. The three women say that Sondland made unwanted sexual advances while in business settings, and on one occasion exposed himself, before he became the diplomat to the E.U.

The women say that Sondland retaliated against them after they rejected him advances, according to a bombshell ProPublica report. The three women who shared the allegations agreed to be named in the report. They s came forward by name. They are Portland Monthly Magazine owner Nicole Vogel (far left) insurance executive Jana Solis (far right, bottom), and Portland political consultant and nonprofit manager Natalie Sept (far right, top).

Sondland has denied the report as 'untrue claims ... coordinated for political purposes'.

Vogel accused him of forcibly kissing her in 2003 during talks for a potential investment in her magazine.
 Solis accused Sondland of exposing himself to her and said he 'shoved his tongue' down her throat in 2008. Sept claimed Sondland forcibly kissed her during talks about a potential job in 2010.
----------------------------------- A quick does reveal a pattern....super liberal democratic women.

Funny how these guys never "hit on" conservative women?

 Natalie Sept

Founder, Organizer

Dates Employed Nov 2016 – Present

Employment Duration 3 yrs 1 mo

Location Portland, Oregon Area

Launching and organizing an event that pulls together impactful non-profit organizations in the state of Oregon engaged in work protecting and enhancing communities threatened by our current federal administration
Emerge Oregon

Dates attended or expected graduation
Recruiting and training Democratic women to run for office in Oregon. Training over the course of several months dove deep into strategy, skills and landscape of seeking elected office as a woman in Oregon.

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