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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Archer and Hunter, How "Quaint" Using A Fake Investment Firm to Launder Money / Slush Fund

stock here.   Reblogging what seen on VOAT

I have added some spacing and highlights are my adds.

Here are leaked financial records from Morgan Stanley

What's more, there are several payments from "Wirelogic Technology AS" and "Digitex Organization LLP" in the amounts of 366,015 EUR and $1,964,375 US based on credit agreements - while $1,150,000 went to Devon Archer and Hunter Biden
  • John Kerry Senior
  • John Kerry Junior
  • Heinz Jr
  • Hunter Biden
  • Devon Archer

The above fine folks ran Rosement Seneca Bohai LLC as an "investment company".   It really was a cute way to launder money.    Dirty money or a bribe or payoff could be received and pretended to be "an investment". 

This is exactly the Epstein setup.    Epstein was supposedly a financial manager, but he had only one depositor, Wexner.    And when did you ever see Epstein on any financial media.....ZILCH.

Every investment company in the USA needs to be closely looked at.

Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC is owned and operated by Devon Archer, the Kerry Family including John Kerry Senior, John Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr and Hunter Biden.


he is missing Devon Archer 

1 of 4 being Hunter Biden

2 of 4 being Christopher Heinz (John Kerry's Stepson)

3 of 4 being Paul Pelosi jr

That brings us to the outlier "Romney's Son." Q implied in his recent drop that 4 pols sons are of suspect in Ukraine and their ties to the energy sector there. The question is asked: What do these people have in common?

It's pretty clearly laid out that through Rosemont Seneca Partners Christopher Heinz and Hunter Biden are connected to Burisma Holdings and it's operations in Ukraine.

Through the Clown connected "Ana Shell Fund", which holds Viscoil Holdings and NRGLab, two companies that Paul Pelosi Jr was on the board/exec for.

As for Romney's son: there are 5 sons, so which do we chose? The obvious choice is Tagg Romney because of his existing fund "Solamere Capital" which suspiciously was founded with his father.

If we take the above nepotistic endeavors by Biden, Heinz/Kerry, and Pelosi as a guide, this fund is the perfect way to funnel/launder money to Romney without raising too many suspicions.
  • Solamere Capital was founded by Taggard Romney, Eric Scheuermann, and Spencer Swick with Mitt Romney. Labed a "fund of funds" it's holds many private equity investment funds on it's books. 
  • Tagg Romney's experience prior to Solamere hails from his time as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Owned by Guggenheim Baseball Management. The consortium of owners that make up GBM include Mark Walter, the CEO of Guggenheim Partners which has no financial stake in GBM. Mark Walter sits on the board of directors for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. 
  • Eric Scheuermann has a law background working in private equity for firms such as Latham & Watkins, and McKinsey & Company. Prior to Solamere he worked for Jupiter Partners for nearly 10 years. Through Jupiter Partners Scheuermann is connected to the Apx Group which owned Vivint Inc. Recently this firm was sold to Blackrock Partners, a notorious Rothschild capital investment firm. Scheuermann was the private equity legitimacy the other two partners minus Mitt lacked. 
  • Spencer Zwick was Mitt Romney's 2008 Campaign Finance Director. He was originally Mitt Romney's personal aide, having been called his "sixth son," so close is he to the candidate. This put him on the same team as the embroiled Burisma Holding's director Cofer Black, a former CIA agent and Mitt Romney's 2008 "counter terrorism adviser." 
  • Mitt Romney, of course, was the co-founder of Bain Capital which received at least 2 million dollars from Ghislaine Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell. Robert Maxwell was a rumored MI6, CIA, and Mossad agent. GM is the notorious Jefferey Epstein partner.
Those are the main players in Solamere Capital. Now considering the list of players, we have a question to answer: What do these people have in common? I believe I have the answer:

Clowns In America.

Lets go one by one and expand on these connections:

Paul Pelosi Jr. is connected to the Ana Shell Fund through NRGLabs and Viscoil. Ana Shell is a pseudonym for "Anastasia Samolyova" who is in business with fellow Viscoil investor David Strawn.

David Strawn and Samolyova were partners in Kingdom A LLC with Sergey Sorokin, a moscow based lawyer who works for major Oligarchs. David Strawn is a partner in Sand Hills Partners which is headed up by John Prescott Ellis, the nephew of George H. W. Bush, cousin to Jeb and George W.

One company held under Sand HIlls is SH Celera Capital Corporation which sec filings show various former Clowns involved in HW Bush's Zapata Oil days. They include Robert Gow, former Zapata CFO.

Hunter Biden sat on the board of Burisma Holdings with Cofer Black, a former CIA agent. Hunter Biden was in business with Christopher Heinz through Rosemont Seneca Partners who is the head of the Heinz Endowment, along with Seneca Capital Management, both financial vehicles for the Heinz family (tax exempt and not).

On the board of the Heinz Endowment sits James M. Walton, the great-great Grandson of Thomas Mellon (through James Ross Mellon), the patriarch of the Mellon banking dynasty.

It is well established that the Mellon banking family was among the original and major financiers and mentors for the H. J. Heinz Co. formed by Henry J. Heinz, the great great Grandfather of Christopher Heinz.

Paul Mellon worked for the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the CIA. He was roommates with fellow OSS Agent Stacy Lloyd Jr., the socially connected first husband to Bunny Mellon nee Lambert. Paul Mellon's first wife died just after the war, and Bunny divorced her husband and in 1948 Paul and Bunny were married.

Many know that Bunny Mellon was the best friend of Jackie Onassis who was an admitted CIA agent, being recruited in college. Jackie's second husband Aristotle Onassis was an international shipper who made it rich with the rise of the global order.

Onassis has long been rumored to be involved in all forms of trafficking.
Aristotle's first wife was the daughter of Greek shipping legend Stavros "Stormy Weather" Livanos.

 His other daughter, Aristotles sister in law, Eugenia Livanos married another major Greek shipping magnate named Stavros Niarchos.

Stavros Niarchos and Eugenia Livanos had many children, one being Spyros Narchos.

Spyros married Daphne Guinness, who's brother is Tom Guinness of the Guinness beer, banking and political family.

Tom Guinness recently married the notorious Rachel Chandler the Child Handler, connected to Jefferey Epstein.

These 4 pols (Pelosi, Biden, Romney, and Kerry/Heinz) have their fingers in Ukraine for a reason.

Care to guess what that is?

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