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Friday, November 15, 2019

Establishment Pretends that Ukraine Ambassador Female Was Removed Because of 4 Disinformation Smears, Except of Course They Are All Totally True!

Yovanovitch -- Female Ambassador who was already planned to end her assignment.   Now they pretend she was attacked, and trashed, and viciously removed.....but she was leaving anyway.   And in the written prior to impeachment stage show, I analyzed 355 pages of Kent's "testimony" and it was total scripted bullshit.

From the WikiBio for George Kent, of whom all prior internet information has been scrubbed from the internet.

Department emails submitted to Congress by the organization's inspector general. Kent protested a "fake news smear" directed at Ambassador Yovanovitch by media commentators supportive of President Trump. He also criticized the Ukrainian prosecutor undermining Yovanovitch, calling the disinformation "complete poppycock."[7] On November 13, 2019, along with Ambassador Bill Taylor, Kent gave public testimony to the House Intelligence Committee during the first public hearing.[

This is the full analyssis of the Kent Pre-Congress "Testimony"


These are the 4 "disinformation smears" that he speaks of: ( But These Are All Primarily TRUE!)

So here are their 4 narratives, which they pretend are completely false, made up.

1) P63 "the first one was the anticorruption line in which the embassy was attacked, and anticorruption actors in Ukraine were attacked.

2) "Somehow, Ukranians or embassy people had animus towards Paul Manafort"

3) "A line of reporting on interconnectivity of VP Biden, and Hunter Biden on board of "the gas company" <note how they hate to even name names to hinder research>

4) "Going after the civil society organizations" (Funded by Soros via Open Society et al) NABU, AnTAC, Crisis Media Center.   Page 64 and the fourth line of attack was alleging that certain civil society organizations were funded by the Soros organization.

 OK quick response here, and then below I will post of ton of annotated screen shots from the 355 page PDF

Items 1 and 2 are covered nicely in this one article.    It goes beyond incredulous that they could pretend that there WASN'T animous towards

Item 1 plays to the soon to be played narrative (Played on 11-15-2019) that the Trump Regime has attacked the embassy and poor little lady Yovanovitch.    She sucked, and still sucks.    Kent and Taylor had cute little nicknames for her.    And why?    

Item 3: Really? Hunter Biden being paid $720,000 to $1,000,000 a year, from 2014 to 2019 inclusive or a total of 6 years,  with allegations of additional off the record payments, for being on the board of Burisma, the biggest, and always corrupt, gas company in Ukraine.   And then the prosecutor who took over after the original prosecutor Viktor Shokin was fired (by admitted direct action of Joe Biden Quid Pro Quo)....the new prosecutor found no evidence any wrongdoing.    LOL.    See how that works?     But look how they phrase their "complaint".     Do they think that a father and son are not "interconnected"?

4) "Going after".    What exactly does that mean?  And that is the point.....they have no point, but I

guess they needed more "points" to have their prepondernce of "evidence".    But in typical Dem manner, short fo projecting, they just bring things up that are indefensible and when truth is shown, it actually hurts them worse.    They should have stopped at 3.   Soros funds AnTAC (which was also funded directly by Obama through payments through George Kent, seriously).

Yovanovitch's illegal surveillance on Americans by the FISA Court should bring charges against her. NOTE:
WHY is the NSA FISA(702) database being USED ***to monitor NON-foreign persons by former U.S.
Ambassador to Ukraine, ***Marie Yovanovitch, who initiated an ***ILLEGAL request for State Dept. officials to conduct ***surveillance on American citizens:
Jack Posobiec,
Donald Trump Jr.,
Laura Ingraham,
Sean Hannity,
Michael McFaul (Obama’s ambassador to Russia),
Dan Bongino,
Ryan Saavedra,
Rudy Giuliani,
Sebastian Gorka,
John Solomon,
Lou Dobbs,
Pamella Geller and
Sara Carter.
Judicial Watch has obtained information indicating Yovanovitch may have VIOLATED laws and government regulations by ORDERING subordinates to TARGET certain U.S. persons USING State Department resources.
One of the weird aspects to both ***Judge Collyer and ***Judge Boasberg is that "both" FISC judges did NOT ever seek to ask the “why” question: WHY are all these UNAUHORIZED database searches taking place?
Instead, both judges focus on process issues and technical procedural questions, seemingly from a position that all UNAUTHORIED searches were done without malicious intent. (more)
• HOW does the state department MONITOR their adversaries?
• WHY is the NSA FISA(702) database USED to monitor NON-foreign persons?

This is from from 2011 -- Yanovitch, senseless ideals forced people to live based on the color of their skin, and we need "open societies, civil societies" and we haven't completed that journey started by MLK.    Women only got the vote in 1920.......Women like Hillary Clinton can run for public office......

uhhh....women always had that ability to run for office, even before voting rights.

And then she brings up "cavemen"


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