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Monday, November 4, 2019

Japan Being Fire Bombed By the Globalists -- National Pride Must be Replaced by LGBTQ Pride

stock here.     May I be the first to point out this coincidence of 2 major fires at 2 World Heritage sites
in Japan in 1 week. 

And let me throw down.    Japan is hated by the Globalists, for their uniformity, sense of national pride.    These things make it very hard to infiltrate the country.   Although the crypto-Jews / communists of China and Korea have been trying, basically forever.

Similar to destroying national pride in Europe, with the goal of "make it all suck", by flooding Europe with non-integrating Muslim who look down on women and rape them at much higher percentages.   Especially the white "non-believer" women, who in their culture can literally be taken as slaves (The one the left hand holds). 

But let's talk about Japan.    After Fukushima, Kissinger inspired the State Department to visit Japan and make a deal that could only be made one on one.     Kissinger sent a strategy to Hillary Clinton, to visit Japan, and offer the deal that USA would buy any of their radioactive food, and we wouldn't test it.    In return, to get them to consider more involvement in Trade and Climate agreements, which are basically thin disguised agreements to allow Globalist control over everything important.    And Japan at least stated that they agreed, and USA did buy radioactive food, and feed it to Americans.  

That story is here and it is a compelling one!


So maybe Japan has not been vocal enough in condemning Trump.   Most Japanese like Trump, or are at least entertained by him.   Maybe Japan has not increased it's immigration "goals" enough.

So the Globalists are sending both a message and a  threat, and accomplishing a part of their strategy at the same time.    Eliminate a cultural past, and eliminate part of national pride.

What do you think?

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