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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Jim Stone Site

Thats about all I got to say about that.   Stock out.


The FBI is now investigating Epstein's death as a murder and not a suicide

If this web site can point out that it was Anthony Bourdain on the gurney and not Epstein, and the FBI has not gone there yet, the investigation is going to be another 911 coverup. They'll fry a couple patsies, perhaps fictional, so Epstein can be cleared of living and walk around with a new identity. Epstien is likely happily eating matzo balls in Tel Aviv after enjoying a pedosta style shower boy. By the way, Bourdain died two months before Epstein "died" because he was about to expose a pedophile ring and got Hillary's attention. I don't know how the body showed up at the prison, but the ears were a perfect match as was the face and forehead. It was definitely not Epstein on the gurney (this was pointed out clearly here when it happened). BOTTOM LINE: IF THE FBI IS STILL INVESTIGATING THIS AS A MURDER, IT IS ALL A HOAX. ANOTHER FBI SHAM. NO ONE SHOULD BE HAPPY "THEY ARE INVESTIGATING" ON THE PREMISE OF ANY KILLINGS OR SUICIDES, THEY SHOULD INSTEAD BE TRYING TO TRACK THAT BASTARD DOWN. You can bet they know EXACTLY where he is. It is all a hoax folks!

Quick observation on Obama's military

Many people may remember that Obama fired an enormous amount of the top brass in the armed forces, and replaced them with people he wanted in there instead. Lots of people with an ability to reason wondered why this was done - and were suspicious it was because the replacements were communists who would work to destroy the United States, especially in a civil war, where they would give orders to kill gun owning Americans. We now have proof that undermining the country was precisely what Obama had in mind - The armed forces are now moving Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family onto a military base after he gave a fraudulent testimony during the impeachment hearing. This is to protect him from arrest for perjury. He should have seen a court martial, but instead got protection. This is specifically due to Obama compromising America's armed forces. So much damage has been done It really looks like the only thing that will save the country is such an enormous collapse of the entire system that the Obama generals stop receiving a paycheck. For now, they are not a protective force, they are instead working to undermine and destroy the presidency and are being aided and abetted so well that known seditious perjurers are sheltered on military bases. BAD NEWS

Sweden dropped Assange's rape investigation

That means it was B.S. all along. Here's the method: When you don't have a legitimate cause to arrest someone you want arrested, just make up a story so wherever he is, he gets arrested and once you have him extradited say OOPS, oh, we were wrong, he was innocent and then claim to have let him go while he rots in a hole somewhere. Since Assange is now out of the picture, and obviously either adequately destroyed or dead, there's no reason for Sweden to keep "investigating" anything, the job of getting rid of him was completed by someone else. Sweden's recent decision proves Assange was innocent all along, and should never have been trapped in an embassy. If he'd have gotten to Mexico where there's a lot more respect for whistle blowers, he'd have been fine and still able to go for a nice long drive.

DEAR "INTELLIGENCE" TARDS AND OTHER ASSOCIATED MORONS: If you think capturing my server is going to get you the information you want as to who my sources are, you're STUPID, because YOU previously censored everything incoming and outgoing, I do not communicate over the web AT ALL. (I gave up years ago) Good luck with your latest delusions, which this time backfired - your mail censorship actually helped this time!

Heads up: The Trump poisoning incident I spoke about LONG before anyone else took note of happened. That is probably what caused the latest round of server trouble (somebody's PISSED I was onto that day 1.)


Others in alt media are saying Trump was poisoned now, EVEN ALEX JONES, and I had that info a week ago and the current server "changes" are probably done by people who are wondering how the hell I got it. End result: All security whacked to hell. I do not even know if the server is even up or not, or if the site is running off a proxy, I do know however that traffic absolutely PLUMMETED after the hospital event, where people were suspicious something happened to Trump, and now, according to white house staff via Alex Jones, it is confirmed, and it was a poisoning event.

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