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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Look At This Photograph / Censorship -- If You Question The "Testimony" You Will Be Destroyed

 stock here -- this is what is coming folks.    After blowing apart a "whistle blower" 355 page testimony, Google immediately put my blog on the blog-non-grata, and starting censoring the hell out of my entire blog, not just this one article.   

In true Marxist fashion, those that resist shall be destroyed!!

For "them" it's all or nothing, they care nothing of the aftermath if they should lose.     And Big Leftist Tech, owns all the tech.   How the F did we allow this to happen?   Massive ridiculous censorship, and more false new.   Get ready for it.  

I guess 8 years of a purposefully false leadership under Obama, and the set up by 20 years of Globalists.

In the chart held by Nickelback, it show my blog readership.   Some ups and downs, but a nice steadily increasing trend up.   Until I blew apart the "testimony", the orchestrated efforts under Schiff of the never Trumpers. 

Here is my article that rips apart not just the "testimony", but exposes the whole narrative they are trying to sell.


  1. I can't post anything controversial on Facebook either, Stock. Was commenting on 5G and how I have no white guilt as my ancestors did not own slaves, nor did they commit genocide against Native peoples. FB will not allow me to make either type of post. Vague comment says I'm violating "user policy" but cannot even ask why. We are losing our First Amendment rights. The Corpo Fascists and "progressives" want a particular outcome. They are dedicated to getting it however they can. HoTaters

  2. There is no freedom of the press, if the press can't report the actual news.......good to see you around.


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