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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

2018 Hawaii Volcanic Event and the NZ Debacle Are Related, Proof Here.

I did a 3D animated movie of the start of the 2018 volcanic event, by plotting ONLY the above sea level earthquake events. It shows clearly that the event started with a big move of the Hilina Slump which set everything else off. Also should be noted that 2 large EQ in the former Slump underwater remnants destabilized the Slump.

This is being set off by magmatic nucleation of gases set off by very energetic Galactic Cosmic Rays which have increased steadily with the "Quiet Sun" and compression of Earth's magnetic field/shield. Pole shift doesn't help either. This is all my own research and goes outside what is "established science". Lot's of information on this site, but check this animation, it is very cool, AND explanatory.

Hawaii has been pounded this week with earthquakes, as well as the NZ tragedy. I have been predicting this based on a prior very unusual 30 days of the Kp index being super low "on the floor", which continues today, expect more activity. stock out.

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  1. Stock, do you read about, follow the work of Michael Janitch? Dutchsinse has been all over this for years. Just curious. Seems to me you two have a lot in common! Alan Donelson, Nevada City, CA

    1. Oh so Janitch is Dutchsinse. Love his stuff, but I need a sound bite life, like Suspicious0bservers doing the daily report in under 5 minutes....Dutch stretching to an hour is unusable to me.

      What has he been all over?

    2. how did you like those animation of EQ?

    3. By "all over this" I meant Michael Janitch's theory of earthquake propagation (e.g., MJ (the Michael Jordan of earthquake research!) has passed beyond the stage of ridicule to acceptance in certain scientific circles.

      I'll watch the video and let ya know!

  2. Seems that Cellphone service has been really disrupted,
    even texts not making it through.
    The Prince of the Powers of the Air cannot withstand ol' Sol!

    1. Noted that also. Text delayed, calls going right to voicemail.....

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