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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Biden Ain't Biding His Time -- He Is Launching Himself Off A Cliff -- Loves Having Kids Jump On his Lap

And the other day he was nibbling his wife's finger.

Does this feel like some type of alternate reality, that this could actually be a presidential candidate?

I think Obama just needed someone so dumb, that he could "transform" the USA without even the VP figuring out what was going on.

But this is relevant.    "Business Insider" is one of the more blatant Globalist Rags.    You want to see
what the NWO handlers are pushing?   Just review Business Insider.    So when I saw this on Business Insider, I knew for sure, it was time to throw Biden under the bus.....a top story pushed at business insider....

Trump on Biden: "only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass"

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