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Sunday, December 8, 2019

George Nader and DNC Depravity --- Read Through the BS to See the Real Story

This fucktwit author is trying to frame Trump for what is clearly Nader /DNC depravity.

Although he is a good researcher, using PACER, his bias is obvious.

I posted this entire article as a comment on the site below....moderated....LOL

Also noted the FBI takes the information from his phones, and stores it on one particular hard drive, a Seagate, not particularly reliable.    I postulate that they do this on purpose, rather than immeidately taking it to a 99.9999% device like a synology server which has redundant on the fly backup.   

By storing it on a specific hard drive, they can at any point claim that the hard drive failed.

Fuck twit author also laments on how Trump attacks "rank and file" FBI (which he does not) and author exudes on how all FBI are good and hardworking.

Author also warns "do not read the real information" because it is so disgusting, and puts up images that are so small as to be unreadable.     If you right click, and choose view image, you can ctrl-scroll to zoom in to grainy image that is readable.    And yes there is some pretty disgusting stuff, beyond all "normal fetishes".

The author continues on with....

Hey remember that time President Obama’s campaign advisor helped set up a clandestine meeting in the Seychelles with a Russian Banker and then funneled millions of dollars to his West Coast Business partner (Elliot Broidy) by way of Canada?  And then said advisor landed at IAD with three cell phones that contained a dozen child porn videos? <note my extreme sarcasm>
He first pretends that George Nader was Trump Campaign advisor (not true and as you see below Nader was funneling 3.5M to Hillary before the election)

From a comment
He was not a Trump campaign advisor. He has been a shadow diplomat that helped broker meetings between Middle Eastern countries and the US. He "worked with" a Republican fundraiser to fund a conference denouncing Qatar. He was never on a payroll of Trump and was not a campaign advisor

He attempt to tie Nader's depravity directly to Trump via Broidy

Meet Elliott Broidy, Donald Trump's New Shady Fundraiser. Broidy avoided jail time by blowing the whistle on the same people who accepted his bribes. He admitted to ponying up $75,000 for an all-expanses paid luxury trip to Jerusalem, which included first-class tickets, luxury hotel suites, a helicopter tour, and a personal driver for New York State's comptroller and his family.

Per this article, Nader was funneling money to Hillary Clinton illegally, via a proxy.

Two Lebanese-American businessmen have been indicted for their role in a scheme to funnel $3.5 million in illegal campaign contributions to political campaigns in 2016.
George Nader, who was a key witness in the investigation by Robert Mueller of collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia in 2016, and Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, CEO of online payment processing company Allied Wallet, were indicted for conspiring to conceal a $3.5 million contribution from Nader by making them in the name of Khawaja, his wife and his company, Allied Wallet Inc.
Although the 53-count indictment does not specify the 2016 candidate involved, campaign finance records indicate it was Hillary Clinton's campaign.

from the same article....after "She Lost" Khawaja tried to buy influence with Trump by a $1M donation for the inauguration.     So that is kind of true, but it is really just an obvious attempt to buy influence after much more heavily supporting the "sure to win" Hillary.

And the never trumpers always try to link everything bad directly to Trump, but never can.   In the paragraph below note the connection, between Trump campaign people and Trump associate (Blackwater's Erik Prince).   Oh and don't forget to tie in scary Russia Putin.

As for Nader, he rated more than 100 mentions in Robert Mueller's final report, most regarding possible UAE efforts to influence members of Trump's campaign. Nader's lobbying on behalf of the UAE crown prince involved setting up meetings with Trump campaign officials, including setting up a January 2017 meeting in the Seychelles "between Trump associate and Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian official with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin."
In the Anti Trump spin on things, they try to prove how sex Pervert Nader is directly connected to Trump, because Nader's business associate had to resign because of a sex related payoff....they leave it open to make it seem like it was a payoff to benefit Trump on any of his hijinks....just saying, thats how they roll. 
While the two businessmen were helping Hillary, they also were interested in the Trump campaign and the early days of the Trump presidency. Nader appears to have been something of a political fixer. He was a business associate of Elliott Broidy, a top Republican fundraiser and deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, who resigned after it was revealed former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen arranged to pay off a Playboy model Broidy had impregnated.

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